Indoorsman addicted to online games cause sudden high fever and multiple organ failure

Indoorsman addicted to online games by Wang sudden high fever and multiple organ failure due to fatigue after the cold heat, the temperature up to 41 DEG C, his family rushed him to the hospital for treatment of Nanjing first, after a full treatment of Doctor Wang, the disease has not only improved, but also aggravate the development. A few days later in the afternoon, haziness, blood pressure dropped suddenly Wang, quickly turn it into ICU- III room. After careful and family members to communicate, that Wang due to indulge in online games and long-term home at home, day and night upside down, eating very irregular, the result is likely to be due to a special pathogen infection leading to severe pneumonia. Addicted to online games caused by high fever, delirium Wang just 24 years old this year, in September 12th, he was sent to the hospital because of high fever first, 15 in the afternoon, he suddenly appeared indifferent mind, blood pressure drop phenomenon, the doctor quickly transferred into ICU- III room. Director Liu Han ICU- III room said that Wang has been in ICU into unconsciousness, shortness of breath, finger pulse oxygen decreased, unstable blood pressure, they immediately bedside tracheal intubation for Wang, ventilator assisted breathing, at the bedside chest X-ray showed pulmonary diffuse patchy shadow in two, Wang has rapidly progressed to respiratory failure, ARDS stage. Director Liu Han said, in general, some unexplained patients with severe pneumonia or highly contagious patients, often because the pathogen is not clear, with multiple organ damage and other reasons, the treatment difficulty leads to the critical condition, but common in immunocompromised people or elderly. However, the little Wang Gang 24 years old, is a young guy, is also very rare in clinical practice. To this end, the doctor and his family to communicate carefully, Wang was informed that due to indulge in online games and long-term home at home, and the reversal of day and night, eating very irregular. Doctors said that Wang is likely to be caused by a particular pathogen infection of severe pneumonia, especially high pathogenicity, high invasive viral infection may be. The use of trans pulmonary pressure, driving pressure precise treatment for doctors, the early occurrence of ARDS and organ damage is the focus of treatment, and the choice of anti infective drugs is the focus of the difficulties. At the same time, Wang was restless, persistent fever, large airway sputum emission, also lead to greatly increased the difficulty of nursing work. To this end, the hospital immediately organized a consultation to discuss in detail to determine the best treatment options. Liu Han said, taking into account the presence of diffuse pulmonary alveoli and interstitial effusion, oxygenation index decreased, and the right lung consolidation, the general method of lung recruitment is very difficult. In this case, take the P V tool to evaluate the possibility of atelectasis after pulmonary reexpansion treatment, and monitoring of esophageal pressure, through the new concept of treatment of transpulmonary pressure, driving pressure for accurate treatment, avoid blind implementation of atelectasis caused pneumothorax, pneumomediastinum. In addition, in order to improve the pulmonary ventilation perfusion ratio and oxygenation, 2-3 doctors and nurses cooperation daily prone ventilation. A murderer is adenovirus, you should be careful in the treatment of acute fever and ICU- III Implementation of everything in good order and well arranged, room doctors have been trying to find a pathogen of blood, urine, sputum specimens were all one by one)相关的主题文章: