Inheritance of Mazu Mazu hometown first exhibition competition of Mazu hairstyle – Beijing avbox

Inheritance of Mazu Mazu hometown "first exhibition competition of Mazu hairstyle – Beijing, Beijing, Meizhou Island in November 13, (Lin Qunhua Xu Guorong Gao Yacheng)" sailing head, Sea red shirts, pants, send peace "the folk image depicts the meizhounu image one of the three Fujian Fisher girl. This image is an important part of the world intangible cultural heritage "Mazu" sub directory. On the morning of 13, in order to develop Mazu culture heritage, intangible cultural heritage of the world, the first "meizhounu bun Arts Exhibition" held in the hometown of Mazu Meizhou Island in Fujian. 99 players with 99 models, at the same time according to the start of the old, the youth group three competition, "Mazu bun". The game scene, dressed in a suit of Mazu Meizhou women become a beautiful landscape. Among the crowd, there is a grandmother, including the oldest 82 years old, they not only his comb head also devout Mazu, for his careful combing his head model of mazu. Apart from Meizhou Island local players, the game has attracted 33 players to participate in the island, including a male hairdresser. There is a scene only 12 years old little model, a slightly astringent in her mother’s encouragement, participate in the competition as Meizhou female models. The head of the sea sailing, shirt, this is the classic image of Meizhou women. Lin Qunhua photo after an hour of dressing links, 99 pieces of the stage show. 5 judges from combing time, sailing head shape, symmetry, round head around temples, forehead and arched accessories 6 links site score, resulting in one or two, third-prize. "Hair for the sea, as do hair hairpin inserted paddle, cable, vertical bun do sails" meizhounu unique sailing head shape is Mazu hairstyle image argument. In ancient times, the hair can see a woman is married. The old man on the island of Matsu Lin Mo to be handed down from age to age, year of age to be married, the family, the matchmaker constantly forced to vow; sea, determined to rescue the fishermen people Lin Mo will shut myself in the room for three days and nights, figured out this hairstyle, express yourself to not marry, vow to wish the sea. Later, Meizhou women began to commemorate the Mazu, after combing "Macau head", on behalf of the married woman. After an hour of dressing, 99 pieces of work in turn show. Lin Qunhua was taken with the changing times, the young people gradually because it takes a long time and other reasons no longer comb "Matsu", the only remaining part of the old grandmother still insist on. The attendant is head of the craft slowly comb Mazu cultural fault, no inheritance. For the transmission of Mazu Meizhou Island, the management committee and the board of directors of Meizhou Mazu Temple several efforts in Matsu, Matsu’s birthday and eclosion Ascension Day holiday, we re mobilization comb Mazu head, and through training and competition, let Mazu culture heritage. Now, every family or Mazu Festival, Meizhou women again comb that Mazu bun "hao". (end)相关的主题文章: