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Landscaping-Gardening One of the most striking features of home dcor in the past decade has been the mainstreaming of feature walls. Ranch style homes in rural America have had design elements on the wall sporting the fireplace for long. However, with fireplaces become obsolete in Urbana, walls became standard all around. The re-introduction of feature walls happened a few years ago, and since then theyve almost become a standard addition to most homes whether split level or apartments across the world. In the last couple of years, various new innovations have come up in helping us create the perfect feature wall, and in this article well talk about some of the best. Paint-Based Some of the most popular feature wall designs are offered by painting companies themselves. They use the finest of materials to give the off-wall a sheen and look that instantly draws attention and makes the wall the centrepiece of your living room. Contrasting colors are the most common feature wall ideas, but today there are advanced techniques including art work. Real artists are being commissioned to create their masterpiece on the feature wall. Ceramics China is mostly stored in cupboards in the dining area and is just taken out for special occasions. Instead of letting them sit idle, consider hanging them up on your wall and make it a unique feature of your home. A myriad variety of plates make for an awesome feature wall. Film-based If youre a movie aficionado, how about painting an entire wall with a classic film poster! Gone with the Wind or The Sound of Music will not only give your home an awesome feature wall, but will also make for instant conversation-starters. If youre not overly fond of paint, you can order a large original poster of your favorite film from the internet and paste it on your wall. Book Racks Instead of putting all your books in a bookcase and locking them up, how about creating small book racks all over the feature wall and putting your books in them! Theyll give your living room an incredible look and also serve a practical purpose of keeping your books on display and having them handy for you to pick up and read. Themes One of the most popular innovations of the recent times is the usage of themes to create feature walls. Ships, for instance, are a popular theme in seaside towns. The whole wall is given over to the theme with the background being blue, and furnishings adhering to the theme of the sea. A ships steering wheel, a replica model of a sailboat, lifeguards, the works! They all find space on the wall and also give you ideas about models of furniture that you can buy to fill the room with the feature wall. You can explore other themes depending on your profession or hobby. Accessories liven up a feature wall. Browse through the compilation at .robinhomeandgarden../ and youll see a wide variety of accessories suiting all budgets. Explore! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: