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Intense competition in the market will compete for professional customized content online news agency Xinhua news agency, Beijing, July 8 – webcast market this year by leaps and bounds, fierce competition. The mainstream live platform has recently taken measures to break through the market, professional, customized content, is becoming the commanding heights of the broadcast platform. Well known network platform YY recently launched a live broadcast program called YY LIVE to strengthen the ecological layout of multiple elements. Huace, mango, PPTV, ICC and other entertainment events together YY announced a package of cooperation. For the reasons for the implementation of the action, YY relevant responsible person said, in the face of fierce competition in the market, the content will determine the outcome of the ecology, the need to rely on high quality broadcast platform to break the bureau. Attaches great importance to the content, is becoming a consensus broadcast platform. Ying Ying, founder and CEO, said Yu Sheng, richness, depth and quality of the content will be more attractive to users. The industry point of view, perfect the content broadcast platform production mode should include three levels, user generated content (UGC) is the bottom, professional support free performance (PUGC) is the core layer, specializing in the production of high quality content customization (PGC) constitute a top professional and customized will become an important direction of the broadcast platform. The webcast although this year is significantly accelerated, but the disadvantages of a single form is more and more obvious, and the supervision of the industry growing, network broadcast industry reshuffle and business innovation imperative, which leads to the platform to create a more professional and personalized products is very strong motivation. YY said it would accelerate the evolution from UGC to PUGC ecology ecology, and further open the platform for content cooperation. Reflect passengers said that the recent increase in the exploration and investment of customized live programs.相关的主题文章: