Interest installment account was changed Changchun college students inexplicable arrears (Figure) –

Fun staging account was changed Changchun students inexplicable "arrears" (Figure) – Beijing Li received SMS reminders. "Since last November and registered over a payment transaction, have never used the staging of interest accounts, how will be Dunning?" in July 26th, Changchun a college classmate Li suddenly received interest installments staff reminder messages and telephone notification, and he tries to log on interest installment account, but find yourself interested in store account login and password has been changed the phone. He found that through the service window login binding Alipay after being interested in staging accounts under the two orders, goods have been received. "I have consulted the interesting stage, the other side said that someone had changed the contact information through the account, but refused to provide the person to upload the information, so that I can not find the information to change the person." On the morning of 25, Li Tongxue told reporters that although the staging of interest in Alipay did not deduct money, but he hopes to be able to find a better solution through the newspaper. Interest received information login account is found store Dunning "Hello, I’m interested in changing the shop staff, you in our interest installments bill has been overdue for a day……" In July 26th, Hebei is the summer vacation students Hugh Lee suddenly received a strange phone to send information, saying that in the interest installments installments to buy two tablet computer, he needs repayment. This text message so that Lee was very surprised, so he tried to log on their own interest installment account to find out, but found his cell phone number is not registered. Found in the service window login by binding Alipay after his original account by other mobile phone number replacement, but still bind your own alipay. "I see the orders found in June 24th and June 28th respectively by installment purchase two tablet computer totaling 6956 yuan, mailing address and name is my mobile phone number, but I did not pick up. Two items were signed in early July." Li Tongxue said, because Alipay did not bind the bank card, debit from the bank card interest installments temporarily. "Now the bill has been overdue for 1 months, has been interested in staging customer service telephone reminders, my study and life are affected." For adults but rebuffed suspected insider "time" "last November, I through interesting staging campus promotion personnel to fill in the relevant contracts, registration and open interest installment accounts, but the completion of a deal and also finished all the money, never used, how will this happen?" Li Tongxue told reporters, after the discovery of stolen account, he has been linked with the interest installments of the customer service center, but refused to take the initiative to contact the police, and said his account is sent by e-mail to the customer service center, the original mobile phone number is no longer used by change, and submit the relevant information. At the same time, the interest is also based on the confidentiality of the internal information on the grounds, refused to provide him with the information submitted by the change. "Since the other side have changed the phone number to account, why would send me information collection?" for Lee students this question, the other did not answer, but urged repayment as soon as possible. At present, the phone number is set on the installment account相关的主题文章: