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The Internet of things, let the black technology into reality – the Sohu of science and technology in recent years, the development of the Internet of things just unfolding, new concept of smart home, smart city, etc. Internet plus appeared to inject a Everfount vitality. Today’s Internet technology as the embedded software and hardware platform, the use of advanced communication based on high speed road, can not only realize the interconnection of all things, can more easily integrate AR VR, artificial intelligence, cloud platform, somatosensory interaction and other cool practical black technology, bring the relevant things to unlimited reverie of life for the people. It is these beautiful vision for the future, large and small technology companies will look to the Internet of things. Quark chip Curie based on Intel’s new platform (Curie), only the button sized Intel company recently also constantly updated for the networking industry products, the Atom (atom) and Quark series processor, specifically for networking applications, suitable for different occasions. The application of Atom processor platform to maintain a relatively low power consumption at the same time, support Windows, Linux and other mainstream operating system, through the transplant OpenCV development library, even capable of real-time calculation of image data. Quark processor has ultra-low power consumption and ultra small size, more suitable for portable devices such as wearable. At the same time, Intel also complies with electronic enthusiasts, and demand trend in different areas of customer community and talents training in Colleges and universities, the launch of the Quark processor based on the Galileo (Galileo), Arduino 101 development board. The introduction of these things for the development of the motherboard, with Arduino open standard, x86 processor architecture powerful performance and imagination of the rich software and hardware interface, make development more convenient, won a good reputation. In July 2016, Intel power Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest opened at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, more than and 100 teams from all over the world famous universities, providing Intel, MinnowBoardTurbot and Arduino 101 development board together ideas, and show a lot of wonderful works. "Works from the Xi’an Electronic and Science University daily health care chair" non-contact sensor based on the combination of advanced high precision acceleration sensing technology and cloud technology through Intel networking platform, will be innovative non-invasive sensing applications in daily care for the elderly. The elderly need to sit on a chair with a sensor node, without any operation, access to health monitoring. The principle is that the high precision sensor is fixed on the chair can detect tiny vibration pump produced by human heartbeat, calculate the heart rate and respiratory rate of elderly and HRV data, and these data cloud synchronization health. On this basis, if the sensor nodes are distributed installed in a variety of furniture, collection and analysis of weak signal human heart beat, can be more comprehensive understanding of the old man in the home situation and health status. "Based on non.相关的主题文章: