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IPhone7 "no headset jack" into "groove" –IT– people.com.cn original title: iPhone7 "no headset socket" into "long groove" rumors of iPhone7 yesterday at Apple’s annual new release party. Two new machines, including iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus, starting price of $5388 and $6388. Chinese market in the world’s first list. It also includes a new generation of Apple Watch Series 2, as well as Apple’s new wireless headset AirPods. What kind of long before iPhone7 finally announced in recent years, Apple has officially released the new industry, all kinds of rumors, "broke" will be on the new machine in advance carry on the forecast, the iPhone7 is also true, from the new machine name, performance, configuration and color are involved. From the actual release, some of these rumors, such as the cancellation of the 3.5mm headphone hole, iPhone7 Plus new cameras, etc.. Some netizens said that this reduced the freshness of the new iPhone. Apple released the two new iPhone, iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus, the screen size were 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, has 5 colors, including black, light black, gold and silver and gold rose. Earlier rumors of deep blue and did not appear, but the new launch of bright black and black. Same as the previous generation iPhone, the new iPhone shape is not much change. Hardware configuration is carried out a comprehensive upgrade, the storage capacity of the abolition of the 16G models. Minimum storage capacity rose to 32G, while providing a total of three specifications of 128G and 256G. According to reports, iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus equipped with a new generation of Apple operating system iOS 10, configure the 64 bit architecture of the 4 core processor A10. Using HD Retina display. Camera improvements, adding optical image stabilization function, configure 4-LED True Tone flash. Two models are used in the camera 12 million pixels, of which iPhone7 Plus uses a dual camera, iPhone7 is still only one. In addition, the Home key is no longer a mechanical press, but the strength of the induction key, providing personalized customized tactile feedback, the response is also higher. The new series has improved battery life, and added a stereo speaker. New waterproof and dustproof function, become one of the highlights of the iPhone7 series. According to the waterproof performance in the test can reach 50m water pressure, "the redesigned fuselage shell, waterproof splash, such as glass, scattered with spilled water, or flying dust, can get better protection than ever." Apple said. "No headset jack" into "groove" however, insiders also pointed out that the apple conference did not surprise release function, new)相关的主题文章: