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Janice M. Vidal Concert – people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: Janice M. Vidal and Wei Shi fit concert Janice M. Vidal, even Michelle Wai, Ceng Ruohua, Wei Shi and Wei Shi fit (from left) composed of "Dear John" Orchestra (picture) Yangcheng Evening News reporter Hu Guangxin photography Tang Mingming long did not appear in Guangzhou Janice M. Vidal, will begin in November in Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen three "you love Janice M. Vidal" concert, the Guangzhou Railway Station is scheduled to be held on December 17th at the Guangzhou gymnasium hall 2. Yesterday, Janice M. Vidal in Guangzhou held a press conference for the upcoming concert propaganda. Once the former boss of dawn "fat electric bicycle" at Janice M. Vidal at the end of last year successfully, the conference on the same day, Janice M. Vidal again a little fat, but has a lot of weight than the peak period of slim, spirit also looks good. After the conference, Janice M. Vidal accepted the Yangcheng Evening News reporter interview, 2009 by Wei Shi’s sister Janice M. Vidal drug case, the workload greatly reduced, from the time of the most dazzling new fall to the bottom. Last year, Janice M. Vidal left the dawn of the A Music for Warner bros.. She admitted that leaving the work of more than ten years old company, came to the new company will take a little time to adapt, but in any case, Janice M. Vidal is finally starting again. The tour will start a new stage since then with sister Wei Shi named "you love Janice M. Vidal" concert, Janice M. Vidal would certainly respect the opinions of the fans, the three concert music arrangement were dominated by her old song. "Big brother", "even if there is no fairy tale", "My Love My" and other classic songs, are likely to appear in the concert. She said with a smile: "fans like to listen to me sing old songs, I sometimes ask them, you are not bored ah? Ha ha." The reporter asked her to sing so many old songs themselves stuffy not stuffy, she shy smile, whispered: "sometimes really boring, ha ha. But the biggest motivation is that people like to hear." In addition to the classic old songs, Janice M. Vidal joined Warner Music after the launch of the new song "flower butterfly" and "the meaning of love" will appear in the concert. Since 2015, this former club A Music Janice M. Vidal, the rest of the year, her last concert in Guangzhou also was two years ago. With the fans in Guangzhou again, Janice M. Vidal said: "never abandon the special thanks to the fans for a long time did not meet with you, the fans smile makes me very happy, this is for so many years has not changed. I’m thankful they never forget me." This tour is named "concert" instead of "concert", Janice M. Vidal explained: "the concert more small, more close to the people." The concert, Janice M. Vidal prepared a lot of gifts feedback fans. She introduced the concert arranged a number of interactive sessions with the audience, such as inviting them to take pictures. In addition, the little Janice M. Vidal also want to challenge themselves, and more to see the concert fans chat: I am not a lot of people, but the show can let me slowly let go of their own." The bigger surprise is that sister Wei Shi will be the guest of the tour, the two sisters. Wei Shi was due to drug-related case)相关的主题文章: