Jingdong financial stake micro know, what is the value of the human resources SaaS service provider cashmere mafia

Jingdong financial stake micro know, what is the value of the human resources SaaS service provider Jingdong? October 25th – Sohu technology news, human resources SaaS platform micro knowledge obtained by Jingdong, announced that the financial capital, joint investment, IDG Chung Hua capital, CRE capital invested a total of $30 million B round. Micro founded in 2009, the company is positioned as a one-stop service platform based on APP, SaaS cloud, big data technology. Public information, this should be the second investment in the field of corporate services Jingdong. In May 2015, Jingdong invested approximately HK $1 billion 330 million (about $171 million) about 10% of the shares subscribed kingdee. Kingdee and Jingdong reached a strategic partnership, for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide cloud service integration solution based on ERP. Compared to the micro knowledge of Kingdee, visibility is not high. Jingdong finance looked at what aspects of micro knowledge, what synergies? What kind of company is it? Data show that the first known micro human resource software customization, in 2012 after the transformation of human resources SaaS services, SaaS cloud computing services based on its ability to build human resource outsourcing cloud sharing service platform, sharing platform through the supply chain services, links the country human resources service organization, implementation monitoring and intelligent real-time online, the whole process of human resource management service. Specifically, the micro knowledge to build a SaaS platform, link suppliers (human resources outsourcing companies, intermediaries), enterprise and employee side. Enterprises can find and access to human resources outsourcing services through the SAAS platform, the human resources service providers can be tedious work through the line to complete the SaaS platform. Micro known that the platform can solve the traditional human resources outsourcing companies, small and micro enterprises and the Department of 85% of the calculation, accounting work. In the calculation of agency business bills, expenses claim verification, payment of three, basically by the platform to complete the remaining work, errands need manpower to complete. Employees can be found through public numbers to social security, provident fund, wages and other information. The main products include human resources interactive trading platform viphrm, human resources outsourcing management platform Iknow. VIPHRM is a SaaS cloud sharing service platform based on HR, for small and medium-sized enterprises to provide computing and withholding social security, business security, salary payment and other human resources services and solutions to help HR get rid of routine and repetitive work. The specific service personnel agency (including the exit, the social security fund, archives management, documents etc.), employee information management (sensitive information management, data report and pay tax calculation), human capital management (recruitment, performance management, salary management (salary) online payment platform, tax calculation and compliance control), welfare management, insurance services (commercial insurance solutions, personalized solutions), attendance management (shift scheduling, attendance accounting, payroll, annual leave statistics etc.). Official website data show that, at present, through the provision of SaaS cloud technology to human resources outsourcing services, micro platform has 6.8 in the country.相关的主题文章: