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Vacation-Rentals Gods own country- the advertisements of Kerala Tourism proudly summarize the Travel and tourism in Kerala with just three words. There is no overestimation involved, as anyone who has been to the backwaters or the hill stations in Kerala will surely agree. Kerala is, indeed an experience you can be spiritual about, probably the reason why this particular line has been chosen to advertise tourism in the state. The magnificent backwaters of the state, the serene hill stations, the tranquil beaches, and the fascinating forests make the Kerala vacations an experience of a lifetime. The culture and lifestyle of the local population of Kerala is no less an attraction than its famous landscape and buildings. The most famous festival of Kerala is undoubtedly the boat festival, which attracts a large number of tourists, Indians as well as foreigners. The traditional boat festivals are usually held during the harvesting season, marked by Onam, the harvest festival celebrated in autumn. Known as Vallamkali ( boat game ) in the local language, the major boat racing festivals during this season turn rural Kerala into one giant racing village drowned in the drum beats and adrenaline rush associated with the events. The boats used in most of these races are called snake boats ( Chundan Vallam). The boats get as much attention as the revered elephants of the state throughout the year. They are polished, painted, and even named after their respective villages as the gala event approaches. The boats make a splendid sight with the crew dressed in white dhotis and traditional turbans, and the ornate umbrella placed at the center of the boats. The crew of these boats during the races usually consists of 4 helmsmen, 25 singers, and between 100 to 125 oarsmen. The scene is that of frenzied elation as the boats head towards the finish line, ac.panied by the constant throbbing of the drums and chants of vanchipattu, the traditional boat songs. The boat races involve many types of boats in addition to the traditional snake boats. The major places where the important boat races are held include Aranmuda, Payippad near Alappuzha, Punnamada Lake, Kumarakom, and Kottayam. Some boat races, like the Indra Gandhi boat Race, held during the Cochin Festival towards the end of December, have been started to promote Travel and tourism in kerala. The boat races provide the best occasions to plan vacations in Kerala. The backwaters of the state include some of the most famous tourist spots in Kerala. Alappuzha, Kuttanad, Kottayam and Kozhikode are some of the bets known backwater destinations in Kerala. The houseboats are the major attraction of these tourist spots, providing a one of a kind ac.modation surrounded by placid water of the Kerala lakes. Kerala has some famous hill stations cradled amongst the lush green Nilgiri Mountains. Idukky, Devikulam and Nelliyampathy are the most famous among these. The tea and coffee plantations, as well as the spice gardens located around the hill stations are tourist attractions in their own right. The Kerala Vacations dont stop here. The experience continues with an amazing array of wildlife sheltered in the well known wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks of the state. The best time to plan your Kerala vacations is, as mentioned above, during the boat festivals. The events are major highlights of Travel and tourism in Kerala, and offer a wonderful opportunity to explore the varied culture of Gods own country. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: