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Arts-and-Entertainment Are you at the stage of deciding the correct career option for you? Do you have the guts to fight for justice but confused whether the law as a career is the right and long term career option or not? Well after reading what .es next, you might not be that confused in terms of choosing the law as career and the correct medium for the preparation. Most of us think lawyers as black and white social outcasts chirping the occasional ‘mee lord’ in B-grade bollywood films. However recently the perception of the law degree has changed drastically. Now Law has be.e a strong and versatile career option inspired by world class law schools like Law Institute in Delhi, National Law School in Bangalore, NALSAR in Hyderabad, NLU in Jodhpur and NLIU in Bhopal. The five year law degree offered by these colleges has all the ingredients to make it an excellent career option. The career option that follows after .pleting the degree is Corporate Counsel, can partner with other practicing lawyers and have a law firm, can be a social advocate dealing with various social issues, etc. As far as the question of preparing to get into top institutions is concerned, you can opt for Law School Tutorials which is the only pan India Law School Entrance examination preparation institute. It came into existence in 2004, when it joined hands with Career Launcher. Its experienced and .mitted faculty along with superior preparation course material has propelled its students to success year after year.75% students entering top Law Schools were LSTians in the year 2007. LST in partnership with NALSAR, NLIU and GNLU. LST is one of those institutes which are open for all law aspirants even for those who have financial disadvantage. LST recently announced 100 merit cum need based scholarships. For the convenience of the candidates, Career Launcher offers wide range of preparation modules to the students such as LST Plus, LST Express, LST Beacon, CLAT Test series, LST Span, LST Gold. These are a blend of mock tests, intensive classroom sessions and online coaching. Career Launcher recently conducted The All IndiaMock CLAT 2010, which measured All IndiaPerformance Benchmarking. In 2010, 4 out of 5 candidates making it to top Law Schools are LST- ians. Job aspirants amongst the graduating batch at the National Law School this year were recruited at average annual salaries .parable to the top management schools. It goes without saying that mo.arily the profession seems highly lucrative. Now its up to you to make a wise decision and go for what you feel is right. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: