Li Keqiang in Kyrgyzstan’s largest newspaper published a signed article (Figure) kairui

Li Keqiang in Kyrgyzstan’s largest newspaper published a signed article (map) original title: Li Keqiang in the Kyrgyzstan media published a signed article in the local time on November 2, 2016, an official visit and to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member States government and head of the fifteenth meeting of the Council on the eve of Kyrgyzstan, Premier Li Keqiang in the "Kyrgyzstan daily" published a speech entitled "jointly create Kyrgyzstan the relationship between the future" of the article. The article is as follows: to create a better future of bilateral relations in People’s Republic of China Premier Li Keqiang was happy to visit Kyrgyzstan in the beautiful season the most charming red leaves of the Tianshan mountains. This is the first time I set foot on this ancient and magical land, full of expectations. The two countries people from generation to generation neighbors, a long history of friendly exchanges. Two thousand years ago, Chinese Zhang Qian in the Han Dynasty opened up through the western desert of Gobi "hollowed out" tour, the originator of the ancient Silk Road through the leaf city, in your territory today tokmak. After hundreds of years of the Tang Dynasty Chinese xiajiasi, with horses and precious fur travel thousands of miles to Changan in exchange for the Tang, exquisite silk and porcelain. The Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang pilgrimage to the west, he lamented, "Hong Tao Hao Kyrgyzstan Central Asia pearl" Khan, shock wave mi Hu". Endless friendly exchanges, the two countries people forged profound friendship too strong to break. Zhong Ji is a good brother who trusts each other. Over the past 24 years, bilateral relations have withstood the test of international situation amidst the winds of change, to maintain stable and healthy development momentum. The two sides signed the Treaty of good neighborliness, friendship and cooperation between China and Kyrgyzstan, laying a solid foundation for the development of bilateral relations. The establishment of strategic partnership between the two countries, led to a new period of comprehensive development of China Kyrgyzstan cooperation. At present, China and Kyrgyzstan are shouldering the task of promoting development and improving people’s livelihood. China is willing to strengthen political mutual trust with Kyrgyzstan, continue to support each other on issues involving each other’s core interests. China will firmly support the people of Kyrgyzstan according to their national conditions, choose the path of development, understanding and respect for the Kyrgyzstan government to maintain domestic stability and promote economic and social development measures against external forces under any pretext to interfere internal affairs kyrgyzstan. China is willing to work with Kyrgyzstan in the United Nations, the Shanghai cooperation organization and other multilateral frameworks in close coordination. Terrorism is the common enemy of mankind, the two countries are victims. We need to practice the concept of common security, comprehensive cooperation, sustainable, continue to deepen security cooperation in law enforcement to crack down on the "three forces" and all kinds of transnational organized crime, and jointly create a safe environment for peaceful development of the region. Kyrgyzstan is a mutually beneficial cooperation partner. The two economies have their own characteristics, complementary advantages, great potential for cooperation and broad prospects. In recent years, the two sides to accelerate the development of strategic docking, to continuously promote pragmatic cooperation in various fields The Belt and Road capacity under the framework of cooperation has also made new progress. In 2015, Sino US bilateral trade volume of more than 4 billion 300 million U.S. dollars, compared with the beginning of the establishment of diplomatic relations increased by nearly 100 times. China is willing to import more fruit, meat, milk and other advantages of Kyrgyzstan agricultural products, rich Chinese people’s table. Kyrgyzstan became the first member of the Asian infrastructure investment bank, more and more Chinese enterprises actively.相关的主题文章: