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Li Zairong entered the Samsung electronics board, "prince coming to the throne? – Sohu science and technology news, according to foreign media reports, the actual control of South Korea’s Samsung Group (Jay Y. Lee) is accelerating the transfer of power, into the flagship subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Board of directors. Behind this operation, in part due to pressure from investors to improve corporate governance. Li Zairong has always been known for his low-key, 48 year old, he is considered the successor of Samsung group. Anonymous sources said: in the past few years, there is always an internal and external voice of the board of directors asked Li Zairong to enter the board, and has repeatedly refused to express their views on the board of directors of the board of directors of the board of directors of the board of directors of the board of directors of the board of directors of the people’s Republic of china. But after his father Li Jianxi (Lee Kun-hee) hospitalized for heart disease in 2014, after the identity of the company behind the command of the operation of the company, Li Zairong. According to sources, Li Zairong has been persuaded to agree to enter the Samsung Electronics Board in March next year, the general meeting of shareholders. A source said: Li Zairong believes that the time is ripe, he is ready." However, Samsung said, Li Zairong at the meeting on October won the nomination instead of March next year, a move to more actively participate in important decisions, such as the management of the team composition and merger and acquisition activity. In addition, access to the board of directors also means that Li Zairong will have a formal responsibility for the management of the company. Some people said: "so far, he has not demonstrated his leadership in a formal position, but now he has come to this step, he will assume greater responsibility." As a director, Li Zairong will face once every three years the board of directors for election, so the need for the performance of the shareholders. Voting by shareholders will be the most direct judgment of their business acumen. But Li Zairong took office early Samsung will face the most serious situation in recent years, the negative effects caused by a Samsung Note 7 explosion also need to be properly dealt with, while domestic Samsung in the South Korean President Pu Jinhui Cui Shunshi suspected intervention case cronies still aftermath is not flat. But the crisis is also an opportunity to Asset Management Co IBK fund manager Jin Xianxiu said, Li Zairong is the biggest challenge in the next year to reverse the Samsung intelligent mobile phone business, while Note 7 crisis is a great opportunity to prove their ability.相关的主题文章: