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Look at the small clinic medicine warehouse more dirty, the child is sick also to the injection? – Sohu maternal and child cold, fever, diarrhea, vomiting…… A variety of unexpected situations arise from time to time, the normal three major hospitals far away, queuing difficult, the doctor looks ugly…… Let the mothers from a while ago my Andy have a fever of 38.5 degrees Celsius this ailment unexpectedly in the 3.5 hours before emergency queuing out of forty dollars, we must say to me "sniff at this encounter, we all experience be not at all surprising" queuing overnight! Many mothers are unable to endure the torment of three hours, but also worried that so many children in a small enclosed space cross infection, so choose a convenient community convenience clinic. This is still in lactation cows – – I fell ill, treasuring to big hospital diagnosis on the first day, after every day to the community convenience clinic injections. Community clinics at the door looks good: no overcrowding, without queuing, spacious hall. The doctor asked me what I said, he had no smell of, and did not see medical reports, didn’t even let me do a skin test, skin test machine dirty me; no iodine alcohol cotton, spray disinfection water will do. Don’t put me to the disinfection pots in a cluttered desk; not every needle replacement, on the wall, the drawer oil mottled medical waste I not to think…… But the doctor holding my ID than all the wrong name, wrong not to regard it as right say: let you write, you do not write, I can write it like this! Very without language. Can not see the practice qualification certificate, qualification does not know his worry is arise spontaneously. The skin test and then let me to the two floor of a shot, no one upstairs waiting up, a few minutes, I will look at the cabinet and the storage room I began to fear, want to run out, feel to be bacterial experiments have? Here for three days without any effect, no pain relief, I asked the doctor, the doctor said: it is you let me hit the cephalosporin! We do not know his purchase channels, but obviously feel different effects. After trying to save sick injections also said undocumented small clinic?相关的主题文章: