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M hunting clapnet stunned friends   "Seine bird lvjinbujue" why? People.com.cn — Environmental Protection — the original title: m hunting clapnet stunned friends "Seine bird lvjinbujue" why? Xinhuanet.com Shijiazhuang 10 October Xinhua: 10000 meters hunting clapnet stunned friends, "Fowler Seine lvjinbujue" why? Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Junyi Gao Bo "China network in the National Day period, a Tianjin, Hebei at the junction of Tangshan is 10000 meters hunt birds network news has attracted the attention of users, was arrested in the wild birds, and even lack of national key protected wild animal. These migratory birds in this migration season, flew to the warm south, but the lawless elements of poaching, hunting. Although prohibited by the state, but why the hunting of migratory birds and other wild animal behavior lvjinbujue, this reporter interviewed the relevant departments. Tianjin and Hebei is now a large hunting of migratory birds places are national key protected wild animal according to the introduction, the Rural Work Committee of Tianjin Binhai New Area on September 29th afternoon, Tianjin Binhai New Area of Hangu forestry station received the support of volunteers to report the discovery of vast hunting of migratory birds in Hangu and places at the junction of Fengnan District of Tangshan. September 30th began, the Hangu forestry department, the public security departments and Beijing, Tianjin and a total of more than and 30 volunteers to carry out a joint network of clean bird action. October 4th, the Ministry of Public Security arrested an illegal hunting, no bird 109, all for the protection of the country’s useful or important economic and scientific research value of the "three" to protect birds. According to the account, the suspect for Tianjin Ninghe. The identified in the hunting place, the relevant departments also found a large area of the hunting field. According to the forestry department statistics, the total removal of clapnet rescued more than 10 thousand meters, more than 2000 live birds, hanging more than 2000 dead birds. Among them, the rescue of the two key national protection of wild animals in the east corner? Only 3. In October 8th, docking Hangu forestry department and the public security departments, public security departments to speed up the mocha, please lock the chain, the investigation severely punished, severely crack down on illegal luanbulanlie. October 9th, the State Forestry Administration sent a steering group, held in Tangshan City and Tianjin, Hebei and other relevant departments of forestry and other on-site supervision, the two will go to the scene after the steering. Tianjin, Hebei, the two departments have set up a steering group of the forest, the focus of investigation. In September this year, Hebei Tangshan City forest public security departments have also destroyed a large bird trafficking dens, law enforcement authorities found 51 rows of 8 storey cage in a farm of two prisoners on a dark inside the house, including yellow chest, Huang Mei, Li???, a total of more than 3.6 migratory birds Suzaku etc.. According to reports, the Tangshan City forestry department this year, Tangshan City cracked the illegal acquisition, transportation, wild animal breeding large 7 cases, more than 4.1 wild birds flying, destroying cage more than 8 thousand and 500, destroyed more than 5000 meters of sticky net. Currently, 7 cases were handed over to the local public security organs to investigate criminal cases. The "bird fence" chain of interest gradually show the trend of specialization scale, the reporter learned that, in recent years, the "bird fence" repeated, from production, sales net to capture, sale)相关的主题文章: