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MacOS Sierra evaluation: Mac has matured – Sohu technology advertising to the apple update every year when the Mac system. This year, OS X first name macOS, although this is only a change in language, but also a chance for us to make a summary of its history, looking back at the development of the iteration of 15 years and 13 versions of the Mac, can be said to have a mature platform. This update what new features, as long as you pay close attention to the field of digital should be able to find, so here I will not say one by one. From the beginning of the Beta has been used up to now three months, the feeling is that if you are using OS X Capitan, then the changes brought to the Sierra Mac is not so huge as iOS 10. The Sierra is the flagship of the Siri, this is the Siri voice assistant was born the first time in 5 years to enter the Mac, you can call in the macOS Siri about the weather, sports scores, translation of words or send information now, even search for files, Wifi can even close (don’t command "Siri you can roll"). IOS 10 and the situation is different, the current desktop version of Siri is not open to third party applications. I am a loyal user of Siri on the phone, but I rarely find it on Mac, I do not know whether I have not used to, or in the larger screen Siri is not much use. The application of iOS and macOS 10 photos do function according to the automatic synchronization, location and time of the album and a powerful search function but also have, I think the new photos on Mac browsing experience better. In the application of the message, you can also look at the expression of a friend sent packets, but you can not send them, does not support iOS 10 rich plug-ins. Other features include the desktop folder of your manuscript and moved to iCloud, the web version of Apple Pay, the application of tabbed browsing, Safari pip, iWork real-time collaboration etc.. You can also use Apple Watch to unlock Mac, as long as you open the two step Apple ID verification can be. After so many years of being used to enter the password, the new experience is amazing. However, to say so much, I would like to clarify that, Sierra added a lot of new features, but it does not change your habits. Apple did not like the past, the 200 new features hit your face, that era has passed. You can say that apple is too wide, every year at the same time the development of macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS, the staff of the energy dispersion. But apple is also growing, their employees相关的主题文章: