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Internet-and-Business-Online Of course, you have a lot of excuses to not produce a Webinar: I am a product developer, not a campaign manager; I am busy with the financial statements and analysis; I am working with the banks and getting more financing. Honestly? Without product sales, the bookkeeping, the banks, the right interest rate means absolutely nothing. The most important responsibility you have to your company is to set a goal to maximize the sales and profitability of your product. It only makes sense in reaching this goal to use the most effective marketing tool currently available to businesses — the Webinar. Using the Webinar as the core of your marketing program is the most streamlined and successful path to converting those interested people into buyers. The undisputable sales pitch, captive audience, no cost and no hassle to potential customers and expert analysis make this advertising strategy your fastest way to sales growth. First of all, the most important part of the Webinar is the sales pitch and fortunately for your company, that pitch comes from you, the Product Owner. There is no one else more knowledgeable or excited about the product. With all the hard work and effort you have put in during the development process, telling your audience all the great features of your product and how it will improve their lives should be the moment you have been waiting for. You finally have a captive audience that wants to hear about all the benefits your product can provide. You have been developing your prospective buyer list and now it is time to put that to use. Phone call, email, text message, website notification – contact these prospects. Notify them about your upcoming Webinar and instruct them to sign up on your products web page. They previously expressed interest in your product and once they sign up for your Webinar, you know your product has captured this group’s attention. The good news for your interested customers is the Webinar is a no cost and no hassle way for them to learn about your product. They do not have to pay money to attend a seminar to learn about it. With today’s technology, they do not have to download or install any software or programs on their computer. They just follow your connection instructions on the product’s web site and sit back to listen to all the fabulous information they are about to receive. In most Webinars, an expert in the product’s field is brought in to lend credibility to the product’s benefits. This opportunity to record an expert speaking about your product, its benefits and comparing it to your competitors will pay off with your current audience and provide priceless documentation for the future. The expert will also, on the Webinar, provide his credentials and past experience that will allow for verification not only for your audience but future participants in your product’s growth. After the release of your first successful Webinar, and your product has taken off, you can go back to all those conference room meetings and long nights looking at those financial statements — thankfully all of them brimming with positive numbers! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: