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Careers-Employment I leave work every morning and kiss my little girl good-bye. She always asks when will you be home mom? I always tell her right after work baby and write down the time so she can look at the clock to check. Many of times she asks mom can you stay home today? She is four and half years old. She is the highlight of my life. I am excited to see her when she wakes up in the morning and I am excited to see her right after work. There are times that I cannot concentrate at work because I am thinking what is Kaylee doing now? How wonderful would that be to see her all day long? She is going to pre-school now so it wouldnt be as often but still more than I see her now and that is all that matters. That is why I want to be a medical transcriptionist. To me being a medical transcriptionist would be as if I were given a golden key to a wonderful life spent with my little girl and my husband. Kaylee wants a brother or sister and my husband and I want another baby also but with working full time away from home I just dont see that happening. But I do see that happening if I can do medical transcription at home. I have researched many schools and programs that offer medical transcription training and certification and Future MT is the only online medical transcription school that I have found that offers a money back guarantee. I was also impressed with the amount of full and partial scholarships that are given out monthly. It is so hard making ends meet as it is for a lot people today that the benefit of receiving a full scholarship for education that will lead to a great life spent with your family is awesome in my eyes. It is as if Future MTs goal is to set you down the path to succeed at a better way of life. The fact that if you do not find a job after 60 days from completing your course that you are granted a years access to Future MTs employment services is really impressive. SN:0TG9Y2ESY I received my Bachelors in Business Science Business Information Systems and I feel I have not benefited from this degree. I am still paying on my school loans totaling about $16,000 right now. I cannot afford to go back to school now without financial aid. I applied numerous times for IT positions but every time they state I do not have enough work experience. If they would have offered the employment services or guarantee that you offer then maybe I wouldnt feel that it was such a loss taking that path. I regret not going into another field of study. Right now Im a secretary with a Bachelors Degree, paying off a loan to a field of education that I am not working in nor do I see myself ever working in. I wish I would have gone into medical transcription from the start. I think if I started down that path I would probably have my own medical transcription business by now and have the freedom to work from home and make my own schedule. For more information, visit medical transcriptionist work at home About the Author: 相关的主题文章: