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Internet-Marketing Mike Dillard is a name that you may see all over the internet when it .es to MLM and internet marketing. To a new person .ing onto the internet for the first time you may wonder if this guy is the real deal. If this is you, than we are a lot alike because when I first started internet marketing I was skeptical about Mike and his "Attraction Marketing" formula. I have tried my hand at internet marketing several different times, bought many different programs but never really found what I was looking for to help build my MLM business. Several years ago while marketing online I decided to buy one of Mike’s programs because he seemed to be everywhere and I wanted to see what he was all about. The first program I bought was called "Building on a Budget". To tell you the truth, right after I bought it I said to myself "I can’t believe I just bought this" figuring this program was going to be much of the same garbage that I had found online in the past. To my surprise, it was worth every penny!! I was blown away with the value that Mike provided in his training and immediately bought his next program "Magnetic Sponsoring" which followed with the same great value. I had finally understood what this "Attraction Marketing" stuff really meant and found someone who actually provided me with the practical "How-to’s" on building my MLM without all of the "fluff" and "hype" that I was used to seeing. Mike’s training system has helped lay the ground work for my approach to building my network marketing business. His "Attraction Marketing" principles are right on target and are the fundamental principles that every network marketer needs to grasp in order to have true success. Before running across Mike and his teachings I was making every mistake that a network marketer could make. Leading with my product, begging people to join my business and not realizing I was talking so much I wasn’t allowing myself to hear what my prospects actually wanted. "Magnetic Sponsoring" has helped me understand how attraction marketing works and in my opinion is a MUST READ for any network marketer looking to build a successful business. Since finding Mike Dillard I have realized the power of VALUE based marketing and building industry relationships before asking someone to buy. Mike has provided me with the fundamentals necessary for success in the MLM industry and I highly re.mend him and his products! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: