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Mom, I only look at, do not buy – Sohu maternal and child crying, in the end do not coax coax? I think many parents have such questions. My son, six years old this year. At the age of one year old, I went out to work, leaving the children to the home with the elderly. After a lapse of one or two months to see. Said the old man likes to get used to the children, yes, my family is also the two elderly. What do you want to give the child, as my relatives described: your son to the stars in the sky, your father wants to pick him down. After listening to me also helpless, always can not be old at home with children do not go to work. But every time I come back to parents or parents must be a few words, probably meaning is not too accustomed to children, etc.. I remember once, I came back from Xi’an, to buy a lot of delicious son. But he saw other children in the store to buy five cents a pack of what kind of junk food, he would like to. I said, my mother bought for you, more delicious than the store, you try. The son of one of my hands away and fell to the ground. At that time, I was very angry and said, I will not buy you today. After listening, my son burst into tears. I turned into the house. In a short while, my mother heard the sound of crying out, also called me, you let the child cry in the afternoon ah? I said, you do not get used to him, let him cry to the dark. Listen to me, my mother sighed and went into the house. I listened to the outside in the house. Who knows, a moment his son came into the house, do not cry. I turned on the TV and watched the cartoon. Another time, because the son of love to watch cartoons of Altman, the family put a lot of such discs. When the child was watching, I looked at it, there are monsters, and then Altman hit the monster. I don’t think it’s right for my son to see such a big boy. However, each took to the streets, as long as the son see selling disc around the past to buy. If he goes with his grandfather, he must have bought it. But with me several times, I’d rather cry than buy him. Later, slowly again to sell discs, son said to me, mom, I only see, not to buy. I have a very happy smile. When the mother, that does not love their children? But when the child is vexatious, not a child’s temper. Without crying, if at first we use material with warmth, put him to good, there will be second times, third times. Of course, we should pay attention to the environment, don’t let the children stand in the sun on a hot day, or wind, rain, standing outside cry no matter, ha ha. If the child is crying because of illness or other reasons, we can give the child a warm embrace, you can coax a child. I hope all the children grow up healthy, also hope that parents give children a happy childhood, golden! Share the most abundant, the most comprehensive maternal and child safety and health; early childhood education, parenting and other aspects of the information, and with the baby grow up healthy and happy! Everything in the Po mom class, focus on methods: micro signal: baomakt (public number search baomakt long press copy)相关的主题文章: