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More than half of the teachers don’t want to be a classteacher lack of sense of happiness in the teacher occupation, parents and children in mind there is always a blazing halo". However, according to recent media survey: classteacher attraction on the teacher’s declining, more than half of the teachers do not want to be a teacher, because of the lack of job occupation happiness. This reporter interviewed the teachers part of the city, found that this phenomenon is more common, due to heavy task, psychological pressure and other factors, quite a few teachers would rather give up allowance, rather than as a teacher. Teacher’s Day: it takes more pressure at 6:30 in the morning, bleary eyed Li Min (a pseudonym) on time from home, she must take the two bus, from Pengpuxincun arrived at a junior high school in the city of southwest region, and appear in the classroom at 7:30 on the morning before the supervision of students. Li Min is the junior middle school second grade teacher, management of self-study is just a day’s work began. Li Min herfingers introduced her daily tasks to reporters, "in addition to self-study, 8 points must accompany students exercise playground, eye exercises time, lunch time to maintain order in the classroom after school supervision on duty, sometimes often busy to 6 points to work." Li Min said, this is just the work of the "tip of the iceberg", when the school art festival, games, teams, rehearsals and so on all kinds of chores are always blowing, essential every summer visits work, "from time to time there will be teachers to complain, which students do homework, the boy cheating in the exam you have to head tube and so on." She said, the most afraid of fighting, the harm occurred between students is encountered, "if the occurrence of similar incidents, not only time-consuming and exhausting, meet the parents show common fortunately, if the individual is not unreasonable parents, if not handled properly, not only the problem can not be solved, there may escalate." Li Min told reporters that she is an English teacher, in addition to teaching tasks, spend every day to deal with class affairs at least 3 hours or so. According to media survey, with work in the affairs of the class teacher per day (not including teaching) on time is 4.08 hours, according to a 8 hour work, the teacher more than half of the working time in the management of class affairs. Would rather concentrate time and effort to show the relevant media survey class, in addition to a part of primary and middle school teacher is a teacher voluntarily choose to apply, most of the teachers are assigned to do the work of the teacher to school. Investigate its reason, the teachers generally reflect the task of teacher in charge, psychological pressure, low material treatment, lack of professional happiness. Wang from a vocational school in the city would rather give up thousands of dollars per month allowance, also refused to serve as head teacher. She said, "education is the main reason for her inability to adhere to quit the teacher positions. One of the main duties of the teacher in charge of the education and management of students, but compared with primary and secondary school students, in the rebellious stage of adolescent secondary vocational school students are more difficult to manage. Similar fighting events have occurred, to speak in class, is a homely food at the mobile phone. School rules相关的主题文章: