More than real estate staged grab room war in August new house prices rose by 30%

Beijing real estate staged "rob room war" new home prices in August rose 30% at the end of August, the District of Mentougou electric power construction · the Hua Chen opened, 156 sets of villa will be sold out in 40 minutes. Data picture   figure Beijing property market seems to be impossible. Here are the most expensive projects, the largest group of buyers, but also have the most enthusiastic rush to grab the housing boom. In nearly half of the linear property prices rise, the LED first-tier cities Beijing to "sing the empty pie" gradually turned into noise, is the real force in go forward with great strength and vigour. Grab the real drama continue to unfold a set of projects in Mentougou were 8 million yuan, after the opening of the average per minute sold 4 sets; a project called "special relations". The purchase of the property market with the midsummer past enthusiasm has not faded, but in the more recently. Just past the end of August, is located in the Mentougou region of the · electric power construction; Hua Chen has just won a grand slam". According to the developers published data show that only the introduction of 156 sets of villa product, from 6 in the morning as customers continue to line up, the site received a total of more than 300 groups of customers. The launch of the main product is 140 square meters of the home, the sets are about $8 million four. After the official opening of the 9:30 in the morning with only 40 minutes, the source of the 156 suites will be snapped up, an average of 4 units sold per minute, developers will be the same day sales revenue of $1 billion 300 million. Coincidentally, back in time to July 10th, opened in Fengtai District Linghai section of the first Huarun city. The project is more than a year ago by Huarun group, the first open shares and green real estate combined with 8 billion 625 million yuan gains white basin the most expensive land industry estimates, when the land, pure commodity floor price reached 38 thousand yuan per square meter. Now, the project price 70 thousand yuan to enter the market, more than and 300 sets of houses sold out in 8 hours, sales reached 3 billion yuan, becoming the first "daylight" this year’s high-end projects. Even such a region of Mentougou have such a price, the traditional hot regional project is nothing more than the truth." Housing prices in a person sigh. In fact, according to the reporter understanding, in addition to the project of opening sales, there are more projects have not yet opened "bustling". Vanke park is located in Changping District, Beiqijia has stopped the row card, but there are still a variety of "relationship" to buy. It is reported that the project listings will be priced at 7 million between -1200 million, "many people looking for relationships, and launched the first phase of the cycle of very limited." Project related person in charge said. According to one industry sources, the market will enter a few pure new disc, have been "relations are" blocking "packed", including the Kunlun region, the West Second Ring Road around the China Yuxi, and Sunhe regional Jing Lin original etc.. If the relationship is not hard enough, it is possible to buy." The person said. Into the market price, the total turnover rose again within the rings in August signed a new commercial housing, the average price of a single set of up to 10 million 100 thousand yuan, an increase of 30% over the previous year. "Now the market does have a fire, there is a close look, people will rush up the feeling..相关的主题文章: