More than the white haired child is more than my grandmother’s lipstick!

More than the white haired child is more than my grandmother’s lipstick! This day, Xiao Bian found himself more and more hair of dog food! This is not, not to give Hsu Chi Stephen Fung scattered food kenwan, the two day was a great black Fan Ye and the couple blind dog eyes! Attend events even if, during the sweet on N, coupled with the great black lianxiangxiyu "touch hand kill", only to find the people who eat melon to marry and collective action can be put on the agenda! We are the first girl Fu Yuanhui, it is said that people have a male chick meat ticket, hand in public show of affection?! However, just yesterday, thousands on thousands of users have expressed by most willing to a lovely grandfather grandmother — a couple of abuse mediated crooked country the netizen posts on social networking sites, today the upper part of the subject is called Dog abuse so please with what is the connotation of the original text for users below to read in addition to remind; cannot read straight friends forwarded to his girlfriend or female friends to help you complete this problem ~ is not by their adorable Act (NUE) of the (Gou)? Netizens have commented: "the best love is the envy of the most. This dog food to eat at ease." "This dog food, I eat. It’s so sweet. The old man. This is the true love."…… Of course, there are more users with the same small series, in the happy child abuse at the same time noted that: not only the dressing table full of Dangdang, grandma’s Lipstick than our ordinary girl in the hands of more lipstick! Is Grandma’s Lipstick too eye-catching, the entire micro-blog cool mushroom are fried: Lipstick really is a woman’s life potion! Remember Xiao Bian had organized the celebrity makeup, lipstick is absolutely the half of the country occupied the whole dresser! In fact, we told you: Lin update shoes and lipstick is known as the girls even without make-up painted to go out to make a look first! So, girls, we cut a few pieces of what?!! Take this for you to recommend the number of autumn and winter must be super popular lipstick, inspirational get grandmother’s happy life! One of the most classic color is red is red as the classic color is in doubt, this spring and summer fashion week show a lot of brands also used big red lips, it is still an important choice of autumn and winter. Single product recommendation: NARS Audacious Shirley Shirley NARS Audacious series is the lipstick of a new color, red, very moist texture as in the past, sensible look. The Shirley painted in the light color of some people’s mouth, the color will be more bright. Dior Rouge Dior 999Dior Rouge Dior new lipstick inside 999 big red matte texture, color is very high, do not pull out, very moist, fitness is also very high. M.A.C Ruby WooM.A.C Ruby Woo is the most famous partial retro shades of red, matte effect, color is beautiful, but the texture were very dry, so remember to use lip balm before rendering oh. Two!相关的主题文章: