Most of the BRT corridor in the main street of the main corridor will be built to ease congestion liuxiaobo

Xiongchu BRT corridor half completed vehicle into the corridor to ease congestion Xiongchu road to Luo GUI Chu Ping Road BRT corridor is black brush Changjiang Daily reporter from the construction of three Bureau and the Wuhan municipal construction group was informed that the Xiongchu BRT BRT construction and new progress: last night, Luo West Guangxi road to Chu Ping Road 2.8 km corridor to complete the black brush, so far, including the previously completed section of the Jingan road Zhiluo lion road 3.6 kilometers east of the black brush, Chu Ping Road and 3 km off road corridor, corridor 8 has been completed, are currently on social vehicles open to traffic, Xiongchu Avenue and the surrounding the traffic pressure will be eased. Xiongchu BRT corridor line length of 13.6 km, the starting point for the design of Jingan Road, Optics Valley road to end point to good, Chu Ping Road is divided into East and West in two, the main line of expressway is about 11.6 km, 2 km and is connected with the surrounding part of city road. The western part of the construction in the construction of three Xiongchu Command commander Meng Runmin introduced the Western Corridor from Jingan road to Chu Ping Road, a total length of 6.9 km. At present, Jingan road Zhiluo lion road 3.6 km BRT road and pass on black brush, open social vehicles, Luo Gui Road to Chu Ping Road 2.8 km from last night black brush, only the remaining Luoshi road Zhiluo Guangxi Road Corridor 500 meters under construction will be completed in early October. Then, 6.9 kilometers west of the corridor will be completed. It is reported that, BRT gallery is located in the middle of the male Chu Street elevated, located in the center of the road, hung Chu Road, the width of 11 meters to 18 meters range, from 3 to 4 lanes, on both sides of the auxiliary road for two-way lane. At present, Luo Ping Lu Gui Road to South Chu Road has completed 2 to 3 lane construction, night corridor brush black, on the north side of the auxiliary road closed construction will start in the north, the original traffic will be introduced into the central corridor in traffic, or will ease Xiongchu Zhuodaoquan road congestion. Reporters from the Wuhan municipal construction group was informed that, at present, in a period of Chu Ping Road to off road 3 km BRT corridor has been completed and the temporary black brush on social vehicles, effectively alleviate the traffic pressure Xiongchu avenue. Is expected by the end of November, will be completed in the eastern section of the two period to Jia Guan Shan Da Dao road 1.7 km BRT corridor construction. Currently, BRT has 4 stations along the line to complete all of the 8, the remaining 10 pairs of 20 are synchronized construction. In addition, along the footbridge, underground tunnels crossing facilities, central green belt is also stepping up construction. At the end of November, Jingan road to the good road 13.6 km BRT corridor and the station platform will be fully completed. By the end of this year, the entire male Chu Avenue BRT bus rapid transit system basically completed, and to achieve the use of functions.相关的主题文章: