Ningxia wisdom tourism network Silk Road plug wings — the wisdom of Tourism Travel Channel haywire

Ningxia wisdom tourism network: Silk Road Tourism wisdom plug wings — the National Day Golden Week travel channel on the eve of September 30th, "Ning brand" brand electric Ningxia wisdom tourism network along with the FAW Pentium X80 "drive the Silk Road? In Aba friendly Wanlixing" friendly image team, go into the Gansu city of Zhangye Province Danxia 288 scenic area, to carry out social beauty, and win-win cooperation. Here, the friendly image of the team and the local scenic area to carry out the wisdom of Ningxia tourism network theme day activities. In the beautiful colorful Danxia scenic spot, Ningxia wisdom tourism network to bring the wisdom of Ningxia Tourism Exhibition — "VR tour of Shahu, giving the VR glasses to the local area, the tourists also try a different kind of VR experience," driving more silk road? In the ABA Wanlixing friendly "activities opened a new from the perspective of. The tourists wear is provided by the founder of Ningxia wisdom Tourism Network – Ningxia Silk Road Tourism Network Inc VR glasses, in dynamic and static between illusion and reality, enjoy the unique charm of Shahu, like in the picturesque Shahu Jinsha, a wide expanse of mist-covered waters. Ningxia wisdom tourism network Ningxia wisdom tourism network is by the Ningxia Silk Road Tourism Network Inc to build Ningxia’s first operation with independent intellectual property rights, standardization, specialization, localization of tourism e-commerce platform, to create a global tourism information, open the wisdom of tourism new era "for the mission, carrying the" Ningxia tourism "cloud floor extension and Huimin service. Independent research and development and operation of the Ningxia tourism network, "the wisdom about" Nongjiale intelligent tourism business platform, customer service center, set up a direct for tourists, set information, service display, payment transactions, user interaction and other functions of the public service platform, the authorized committee of the Ningxia tourism development "Tmall Ningxia wisdom tourism flagship store" exclusive right to operate, for Ningxia tourism from the ground to the air from line to line, from tourist attractions to the global tourism transformation and upgrading to provide technical support and platform support. To enhance the wisdom of Ningxia tourism network influence, and actively integrate into the construction of Ningxia global tourism demonstration area and wisdom tourism construction, Ningxia Silk Road Tourism Network Inc efforts to build a new, diversified, intelligent, integrated marketing system, actively cooperate with the "endorsement" for the beautiful Ningxia Ningxia nimmay Tourism Joint Marketing Company limited, the joint marketing vehicle title, become the FAW Pentium X80 "drive the Silk Road? In Aba friendly miles from Ningxia international special part of driving joint marketing team to build a friendly image, cooperation, communication, service network and tourism scenic spots along the road of wisdom silk Ningxia platform, a comprehensive display of the wisdom of Ningxia tourism network intelligence services, marketing, operations, wisdom wisdom wisdom, the wisdom of building management function. Ningxia wisdom tourism network will be in the wisdom of Ningxia tourism to the FAW Pentium X80 "drive the Silk Road in the ABA? Friendly tour activities along the various scenic spots, to the nation and the world through the" frontier Jiangnan "wisdom tourism" means the magic Ningxia?". Source: local feeds (commissioning editor: Zhao Peng (Intern), Qin Jing)相关的主题文章: