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On the back of the backpack makes you beautiful cheap energy up and are afraid of you girl lead: Hello everyone, we often sing when remember that the first school song? "I went to school, a backpack, yes, when you are most concerned about the quarter on the back is not what kind of school backpack! (Editor: @philtre) here we recommend to a few inexpensive and glamorous shoulders back, is not only a hand chop, chop small thumb can take the brand, let your strength up even their own fear! I even own strength are afraid Jump From Paper broke the wall dimension to sell adorable bags I only take Jump From Paper, the design of two-dimensional Huobian domestic and foreign brands, from Taiwan two young designers Rika Lin and Chay new Su design is completed, it is cleverly let the bag look like painted the same. Jump From Paper Jump From backpack Paper two dollars and not only bright rich colors, the capacity is large, fully loaded with books and papers in class be nothing difficult what, it is suitable for Curve Wrecker girl. Jump From Paper Jump From Paper large capacity backpack backpack two course, also have a small hand bag series, go out the necessary pose! Jump From hand bag series I thought it was just a sticker Niels Peeraer how do you think Jump From Paper is not enough girls, the following to recommend the Niels Peeraer is definitely a girl’s heart fighter. The Belgian brand bags by large eye-catching butterfly and pink cream color a girl fans vote. Niels Peeraer used to shoot promo model is real novel male film advertisements Peeraer in addition to Niels Niels Peeraer both shoulders, and various accessories are also very small, girl heart, seems to have the meaning of brand get, want to win your wallet, to win your heart of girl. Niels Peeraer and Niels Peeraer accessories chain mini bag but the drawback is that too young, in collocation clothes and use on the occasion of the limitations of a little big, so I recommend editing green or red wine, relatively low-key. The famous green Niels Peeraer Niels Peeraer Mansur Gavriel red wine Mansur Gavriel we all know, bucket bag make their home in the fashion circle make a sum of gold last year to become the biggest dark horse to win. Mansur Gavriel bucket pack Rosie Huntington-Whitele you相关的主题文章: