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Orangemen hukouduoshi get 1   Iran 16 shots are useless — Sports — original title: China team hukouduoshi Shenyang yesterday evening is very beautiful, the night of the Shenyang Olympic Sports Center are silhouetted against the dazzling. The waves in the country foot red suit cheering fans flocked into the stadium, we are looking forward to a miracle, a miracle is China football. This small miracle, really came. Iran: the 16 shot did not last night, although the players were injured and led to the game play is not smooth, but this did not affect the Iran team’s offensive momentum. Statistics, last night, the Iran team shot up to 16 times, while the Chinese team has only 5 times in the shooting goal statistics, the Iran team is also more than 4 to lead the Chinese team. But the beautiful data did not bring a goal for the Iran team, the Chinese team through efforts to ensure that the goal is not lost. Last night, Gao Hongbo still discharged the five guard lineup, which is a typical defensive counter routines. Zhao Mingjian is just starting debut, Zhang Lin moved into the centre left?, still give Li Xuepeng and Ren hang, Zheng Zhi on the bench. The defense team faced Iran onslaught, the defensive performance than a game against South Korea is much better. "The first game, with personal knowledge and understanding of our top 12 events of the rhythm and intensity, so this game we adapt more, for how to deal with the impact of competitors, before we developed a targeted deployment." After the game, the national captain Feng Xiaoting said. From the scene to see, although the Iran team shot many times, but the real threat of attack is not much, Iran coach Carlos after the game is also very upset: "we had hoped to start after the defense, made China team scored, but China after the defense team did well, finally I got only 1 points away. Feel a little regret." Orangemen: this can have the lore of defense, there are counter. In fact, the second half 20 minutes before the Chinese team once occupied the field of active, and had lore opponents opportunities. Eighty-fourth minutes off the bench Sun Ke sent a pass over the top, Wu Lei in the restricted area of the first to reach a poke away the ball, but the Iran defender Hosseini Wu Lei kicked the leg when the waist, Wu Lei fell in the penalty area, but the referee did not foul, the national football coach Gao Hongbo has spread his hands in protest. From the slow shot, Iran players in the penalty area foul, missed a penalty for the Chinese team. And if the Chinese team got the penalty, then last night’s score may be 1 to 0. In addition, in the second half seventy-fifth minutes, Zhang Xizhe straight ball, Iran team through the whole line, and kissing Wu Lei arrived, on the other side of the small area of a machine, he can spare the rebate, missed the good opportunity. Accident: the Iran team run when the final whistle, a number of Iran players collapsed on the ground, the physical fitness has been overdrawn, can be powerful Iran team so tired, which shows how the China team. "The whole game, the team’s physical advantage of Iran is very obvious, they will also take advantage of the physical advantage of the game." After the game, Gao Hongbo said, "so we can with such a strong spell down), and相关的主题文章: