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UnCategorized Customer service means just that, service. Many .panies have lost sales or have gone out of business entirely because they have forgotten the old slogan, "The customer is always right." While, in actually that is not .pletely true, the fact remains that any business should make every effort to satisfy their customers. Many people who have customer service jobs are excellent in their field. Others are not trained sufficiently or have attitudes that do not work well for their .pany. These jobs cover a vast range of businesses. It may be in a retail, wholesale or Internet .pany. Their job is to serve the public. Take their orders, listen to and try to solve any problems regarding products or services, which their .pany sells. It is an extra plus for the .pany when a customer can have an experience that is beyond their expectations. Anyone taking a job in this sector should be prepared for people who are upset for one reason or another with something the .pany has sold or has guaranteed. For this reason it is important that, when something is sold, that the customer is given a .plete understanding of what the warranty is. Some problems have wound up in court because of misunderstandings. Whether the job is in a drive-by restaurant, a high-class dining establishment, a one-man operation or a corporation, anyone who has contact with the public regarding a product is in the customer service business. To be successful in their job the person needs, first, to know their product. If one does not know, they should seek this information as soon as possible. Attitude is the next factor. Whether one had little sleep the night before, the feet are killing them or has some other personal problem, the customer must always be greeted with a smile and an attitude of, "Let me help you". Extra care, in finding a special item for example, will result in the customer leaving the premises with a good feeling. Being willing to go out of one’s way, if necessary, to help someone is always a plus. Often times, in a store especially, things are not clearly visible to the shopper. It may be that the service person has to go in a back room for something. While it might be inconvenient, it is part of the job and should be done with a smile. One of the worse things for a person to encounter is someone who is rude. A person who immediately gives off the attitude of ‘I’m too busy to bother’ or ‘I’m too important to do it now’. This is especially irritating when encountered by someone on the telephone. This person does not realize that the caller on the other end of the telephone may be someone who is very important and can provide a large amount of business for his or her .pany. There are many customer service jobs in the job market and, if one thinks about it, all jobs fall in this category. The .pany that has someone on the job who is knowledgeable, has a good attitude and treats each customer as if they were the most important person on earth at that moment will be successful. The name of this success is courtesy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: