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As parents should be (original) – Sohu, the maternal parent-child mental division Xu Jingying yesterday issued "the best way to get along with adolescent children is less talk", have a message background: every day I sent a child’s ear and said, he is not obedient, not a good school, speak words he is not less, learn more, not obedient? Think of the parents said, a repeated method does not work, can only explain a problem: the right way, the change of the. Every child is not only constantly give personal advice, prove one thing: you ta as you say or, like water off a duck’s back, Ta, don’t listen to love. Since TA does not like, do not accept also increased boredom, do you want to say? Still useful? That is not to say it? Again, your purpose is to let children Study hard, and so on, sensible, say it impossible it is not going to change the way, so don’t say, don’t say, He that talks much errs much. understatement. You said (and you say, oh ~ ~) as parents, the child would not do it, as the responsibility of education? Certainly not! Adolescent children both physiological and psychological have changed, the TA who, pressure, confusion and self-awareness intertwined with a desire for growth, to be accepted and recognized, on the other hand, the pressure of school life, emotional confusion and embarrassment, let TA are unable to cope, inevitably the confused, anxious and depressed all. From adult blame, complaints, complaints and criticism, nagging TA exacerbate their troubles. Therefore, the parents will love their children, to be a close friend of the child, to accept the child’s mood ups and downs, to provide children with favorable psychological support. A lot to listen to their inner voice, perhaps TA, who just want to complain, complain, just spit Tucao, clear said, is not the thing. And adolescent children get along, the most critical principle is: do not help. The children do not seek help from their parents, parents don’t skanky backseat driver. There is a metaphor of the image, the parents to do a shepherd dog, in the appropriate distance, with the sheep (children), to ensure the safety of sheep, but never interfere with the sheep (child) activities, actions. Only in sheep (children) when necessary, not for other, when their company, in order to two-phase tire. Respect, understand the child, without violating the premise of safety, ethics, to ta free, independent space. You know, "a free child is conscious". Only the psychological freedom enough, the child will really take the responsibility of life, manage themselves, including learning, including growth. Parents will bound the child, backseat driver, so that children rely on their parents, lack of bound hands and feet, to give up their own ideas. Zhu Ziqing in the "Silence" in an article said: "you should be like the stars at night, should not like fireworks on New Year’s Eve, who needs the penetration of fireworks night?" Less is a kind of wisdom, can say is a kind of ability. Children do the stars in the night, which tests the parents相关的主题文章: