Party newspaper RMB more and more foreigners also love to spend RMB xhero

Party newspaper: RMB more and more foreigners also love flowers "into the basket", let the Renminbi (RMB China fell in love with the world Story Studio) reporter Chai Yifei "the people’s Daily Overseas Edition" (09 2016 30 August     01) a noon in mid September, Germany’s Frankfurt Main Airport. Chen Shi, a just completed trip to Europe the Chinese tourists, facing the tax window before long queues, revealing a worried look. "Chinese tourists want to through the Alipay tax rebate can be here, just write your name, passport number, tax refund address, Alipay account can go. And you don’t need a commission." Chen looked up and found that a Chinese airport staff said hello. The passengers who were about to catch the plane rushed up to fill the information of the tax refund to the staff, they went straight to the plane. After 10 days, has been converted into a refund of RMB into Chen’s Alipay account. "I think in foreign countries can also use Alipay, with the RMB account." It surprised him. Chen’s surprise, reflecting the new progress of the internationalization of the rmb. In October 1st, the RMB has been included, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) special drawing rights (SDR) new currency basket will come into effect, the RMB and the U.S. dollar, euro, pound and yen, as the world’s reserve currency". Since then, the RMB will be able to serve as a reserve currency of the world and international organizations, multinational corporations, can become a flower in the world, you can receive money. However, this "natural" moment is not an overnight. This way, the Yuan Flower and close the story, full of twists and turns of the plot. The renminbi is getting better spent on this trip, let Chen is satisfied with not only the European Alipay tax rebate, and a basic way to take the Euro Cash convenience. I was in the airport for 200 euros when the money, because traffic, accommodation can be paid in advance, and some even directly marked in the price of rmb. Shopping card is more convenient, many shops are hanging out UnionPay logo, even the use of UnionPay cards can also be discounted." When it comes to this, Chen Shi very happy. Because you can swipe, so the RMB and local currency can be automatically settled. But if I want to swap it, you need to make an appointment in advance to the bank queue, it is troublesome. Not only that, each exchange will have to deduct fees, with no end to the RMB exchange but also because the "buy" and "sell" the difference from a loss……" Don’t change the foreign currency credit card, direct settlement, let Chen Shi to enjoy the convenience. As for just to go to Southeast Asia to play Li Jie, the direct payment of foreign currency in the sense that he is more in the hands of the renminbi, the world is not afraid of the feeling. He told reporters, before playing in a small island in Vietnam, the local fishermen took a 100 yuan, with unskilled Chinese said: this barrel of $100, $100." "On相关的主题文章: