Perfect world cinema 1 billion 400 million acquisition of three companies increased the integration pork face

Perfect world 1 billion 400 million acquisition integration trend of cinema Antaeus three’s hot column increased capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my newspaper reporter Xu Weiwei Shanghai reported in the game assets after the return of A shares you, perfect world (002624.SZ) of the first suspension of big acquisitions transactions officially released, this is the biggest acquisition of domestic theaters. Perfect world September 13th evening announcement, the company intends to use the cash payment, the acquisition of Antaeus cinema, Antaeus cinema, Antaeus culture 100% equity and counterparties, and its related parties on the subject of the company and its subsidiary control goal of holding debt, the total transaction amount of 1 billion 353 million yuan. The acquisition includes theaters and cinemas two core assets, including Antaeus studios main cinema development, investment, construction, cinemas and sell product sales, advertising and other derivatives business, this code is one of the domestic mainstream cinema theaters, including 86 owned theater, Antaeus studios, Antaeus cinema’s has a total of 217 theaters. 2014, perfect world television business Jin Lei shares backdoor landing A shares market, a long-term strategic cooperation with the six Hollywood studios of universal pictures. 2016 injection of large shareholders of high-quality game assets, launched the shadow tour linkage strategy. This acquisition will undoubtedly make the perfect world direct access to quality cinema and theater resources, further to the downstream industry chain longitudinal extension. As for the pan entertainment industry, the acquisition will further set off a cinema boom. Pan entertainment layout of the whole industry chain perfect world CEO Xiao Wang September 14th in an twenty-first Century economic report interview, perfect world has been the film business is mainly concentrated in the TV drama production and distribution, to obtain income concentrated in the upstream of film and television drama production and distribution of income. Through this transaction, the company opened the film business from content production, distribution, screening of the row of film theaters, the whole industry chain, increase the film distribution and projection control. In a perfect world revenues is weak in the field of film, the acquisition can not only bring revenue for the film production and distribution, but also get the movie and the issue of split income, rich profit growth and from derivatives sales, movie marketing, advertising and other aspects. Perfect world in the first half of 2016 earnings report, TV revenues of 160 million yuan, the film revenue was only $39 million 870 thousand. Xiao Wang also said that after the completion of the transaction, channel advantage, perfect world will set film, game content resources and cinemas, theaters, cinemas with local consumer preferences and a variety of cutting-edge technology to create a variety of experience, experience the scene, provide a full range of entertainment services for consumers. The performance of the domestic theater in the early days of a single Hall, and later in order to improve the convenience of viewing consumers, the evolution of the modern multi cinema. But whether it is a large hall or a large hall of modern cinema, there is no expansion of the cultural functions of the theater, the theater is still just a film broadcast相关的主题文章: