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Business Of all the variations of the game Solitaire, perhaps one of the most beloved and addictive is a version called Pyramid. Pyramid Solitaire takes the basic concept of elimination and uses it to piece together a fun and visually stimulating mind game in which the object is to eliminate cards in pairs that add up to 13. King cards are worth 13 and may be automatically removed when they are within the field of play. As for what the field of play actually is, the rules are simple. Any uncovered card may be played with another uncovered card, whether that card .es from another row or from the three card draw below the pyramid. The ultimate goal is to eliminate the entire pyramid of cards on display, taking out two at a time and Kings automatically until there is nothing left. If you can ac.plish this, you are a winner. However, the game is so addictive because of its challenging nature, despite being somewhat simplistic on the surface. During most games, you will find yourself on a hot streak where the cards start to disappear easily. However, it is important that you don’t let the streak override your powers of observation. Just as soon as one sets in it can disappear instantly. All it takes are a few covered cards to shut down your game permanently. That’s why you should employ advanced techniques if you don’t want to get caught in a jam. Pyramid Solitaire 101 re.mends that you do not jump on the first opportunity to eliminate a pair of cards. Be mindful of the three drawn below the pyramid as well as any in the pyramid itself. Your first .mitment is, of course, to the elimination of the cards in the pyramid, but you should also be thinking two to four moves ahead. Be aware of cards that are covered, and try to find ways to unblock the path before you use up the dealer cards. If you’re having trouble getting started, the first place you should turn is to an online playing experience. There are many sites where you may be able to play, but not all offer a .pletely free experience, asking that you provide email information and "register" before you begin. With sites such as PyramidSolitaire dot ., this is not the case. When playing your game of Pyramid Solitaire, try to remember an old business adage. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. That’s not to say you should shut yourself off from opportunity. It’s just to say that the best way to success is to keep your enthusiasm and confidence in check. Only then can you find your way to the top of the food chain-or in this case, the pyramid. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: