Popular Coser income geometry Enako revealed two days to earn 1000W mcncc

Popular Coser income geometry? Enako revealed that two days to earn 1000W and to introduce the time for her sister! We also share a lot of Coser beauties, basically a lot of Coser is the Cosplay as an interest, of course there are a lot of occupation Coser in Japan and Chinese, so these people can have how much income? Coser Enako in the recent popular TV show "Dhaka and Chuang. Institute of nano – SP" broke people in their own income in C90 is to sell the book within two days of the conference, she earned 10 million yuan yen (about 652 thousand yuan)! Later, Enako also revealed how much money she can earn a month: Generally speaking, I will be more than 1 million yuan monthly income (about RMB 65 thousand). Monthly income of about 65 thousand yuan on the stage can take up to 30 to 400 thousand yuan. Every time there are tens of thousands of yuan income is not very exciting, but also want to do Cosplay? But she also mentioned that a large part of the income has been invested in the cos props, cos clothing and other costs are needed to take care of themselves. Of course, the high income is because one of the most famous Enako belongs to Coser, various activities continue to invite, will have such a high income. Enako TGS cos Enako Eudemons recently joined TGS and COS, a Mobile Games in nekomusume Eudemons, is also very cute, here just to enjoy her beautiful picture. (Editor: D) the HD Atlas > >相关的主题文章: