Public comment in the second half launched a new version of this month has exceeded 250 million live dachiyouxiang

Public comment in the second half launched a new version of this month has exceeded 250 million public comment on the Phoenix Science and technology news September 9th news, the United States Mission review strategic cooperation, the public comment APP ushered in the first revision. U.S. group comment today announced the public comment APP launched a new version of V9. It is reported that the upgrade will highlight the personalized recommendation of personalized and accurate and convenient search experience. In addition, in the new version of the APP, also added a comment headlines, for your preferred, quality incentives and situational awareness and other new features. According to reports, the upgrade is also one of the important reflection of the return of the U.S. group in the second half of the O2O user value. Just before the end of the 2016 Yabuli Chinese summer entrepreneurs summit, the demographic dividend period beauty group comments CEO Wang Xing group comments from the Internet has "first half", "into the fine operation in the second half", focusing on good service for users and businesses with more sustainable value. The United States delegation comment through hundreds of millions of users of the data found that consumers in the city as the core of the quality of life to idle away in seeking pleasure there are three main demands: rich information, idle away in seeking pleasure tailored to the scene of the consumer guide and more "understand" the user search experience. In addition, the new version also adds a map of the search results show that users can be more convenient to view the popular business on the map. Moreover, the public comment and the depth of the depth of cooperation, the user can directly select a merchant on the map after a car, in the public comment APP to complete the search, decision and go to the one-stop experience. According to the U.S. group review released the latest data show that as of the second quarter of 2016, the public comment month more than 250 million active users, more than 150 million of the number of reviews, the number of businesses included more than 2000 million, covering more than 2 thousand and 500 city and more than and 200 countries and regions around the world nearly 1000 city; until the second quarter of 2016, the public reviews more than 20 billion monthly pageviews, views which mobile clients more than 85% mobile client, accumulated more than 400 million unique users.相关的主题文章: