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Pure dry cargo collection as soon as possible! This month to spend several hundred dollars less parking free parking lot is close at hand ticket illegally parked parking fees has become a most car overhead, hundreds of hundreds of dollars a month parking fee has been so many cars complain, even some owners due to high parking fees and few parking spaces reduced travel by car. In fact, living in the city, small series is often driving to work and travel, but Xiao Bian will find some free or cheap parking spaces to reduce the daily expenses. Underground cheaper than in many cities in the ground, due to the limited ground parking space, a large number of underground parking became the main parking space. In Beijing, for example, a large number of parking spaces on the ground during the day the price is probably the first hour 8 yuan, after second hours, then 10 yuan in the downtown area is a single hour higher prices. Regardless of whether the bustling lot in Beijing, as long as the underground parking price is always 6 yuan. But not because of the winter to enter hot, summer into need air conditioning cooling wait. Residential area free or the first hour free because the editor often need to work out, may have to go to the bank, hospital and other places some people concentrated in such places, no parking or high parking fee can hardly be avoided. But these places around there is always some of the old district, and the old residential property management company is not, or no formal planning of parking spaces, so it is easy to find a parking space in this area. There are a number of parking spaces planned parking fees charged, but there will be some of these areas in the first hour free or free of charge in the first two hours. If you simply do a thing to go, stop in such a district that is free, but also security. Large shopping malls free of charge in the collection area, many businesses are free parking. As in the case of Beijing, parking in the west of the century Jin Yuan Yansha mall, free of charge; in the south the iicg and IKEA, free parking. As a large shopping facilities, parking supply is also very adequate. Supermarket free of charge for a few hours to buy tickets, supermarket shopping vouchers, many supermarkets are free of charge with a small number of hours of parking tickets. If you want to go to the place where there is a large supermarket, parked there is absolutely the most affordable parking place. Remember that a small part of the previous work is a supermarket downstairs, with the supermarket can be free parking for 4 hours. Before going to work to stop the car to the garage, almost 4 hours, to buy a bottle of water with a small ticket to open the car, and then go around, this day can not be delayed for a long time, but also to spend the cost of parking 2 bottles of mineral water. The passage of time, now many supermarkets by the amount of consumption to determine whether free parking, such as WAL-MART, Carrefour, Auchan supermarket some 50 yuan, or 100 yuan free stop for several hours, about the details of the proposed parking free parking, can effectively avoid the extra cost of parking. Don’t forget the parking tickets catering and entertainment friends will find good restaurants, cinemas, KTV what, many catering entertainment front parking spaces for its own most just remember eating or entertainment tickets can be free to leave after remember. There are a number of parking spaces are.相关的主题文章: