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Qinghai bank 2016 financial knowledge households service month officially launched – Beijing, Beijing, Xining, September 1, (Sun Rui) Qinghai province to better enhance consumer financial literacy, improve the banking service quality, consumer groups and banks between the smooth communication channels, on the morning of 1, the banking industry in Qinghai in 2016 financial knowledge households propaganda service activities officially started. Qinghai banking regulatory bureau deputy director Dai Haifeng at the launching ceremony, the propaganda service activities mainly includes the basic financial knowledge popularization and enhance consumer financial risk prevention capacity, to take into account the general consumer and professional investors, to include the city of consumer groups and special groups, remote agricultural and pastoral people, give full play to the outlets of the banking organization propaganda advantage, effective the use of the Internet, WeChat public platform, mobile phone text messages and APP and other new media, promote financial knowledge spreading in a wide range. Dai Haifeng said, financial knowledge into ten thousand activities is the development of Inclusive Finance, so that the public to share the results of modern financial reform and development, an important measure to improve financial literacy. From 2013 onwards, Qinghai Banking Bureau every year in accordance with the deployment of Chinese banking, carry out financial knowledge households in Qinghai within the province, has been the attention of the banking financial institutions, and achieved positive results. "Through the activity, effectively enhance the public understanding of financial knowledge, financial products and services to all banks in the province industry organizations to understand, so that the majority of consumers of financial financial products with the right to know, right to choose the right and even bargain are fully respected and protected, awareness and ability to enhance the consumer protection of their own funds and property safety, enhance consumer awareness and ability to safeguard their own interests." Dai Haifeng said, at the same time, but also to promote financial knowledge into schools, communities, enterprises, agricultural and pastoral areas, into the District, enhance the understanding of the public and various economic entities on the characteristics of bank financial products and service mode, promote the social public, enterprises need money can expect the bank, will come to the bank, excited the potential financial needs, effectively cultivate customer groups, to attract more consumers reasonably and safely use financial products and services, cultivate a stable and sustainable customer resources, for the banking industry long-term sustainable development has laid a good foundation for the customer. Dai Haifeng said that with the rapid development of banking, financial products and service innovation of banking services and social change rapidly, the fusion of public life, the degree of dependence on the public for banking services are also increasingly close up. But the information asymmetry phenomenon in the financial sector is still very prominent, the public finance is still relatively lack of basic knowledge, their future will further increase the popularity of the propaganda of financial knowledge, and constantly improve the public’s ability of risk identification and financial awareness, cultivate market participants, enhance consumer banking services understanding and confidence, this is very important the significance for the public to lay a solid foundation for the healthy development of the banking industry. (end)相关的主题文章: