Redesigning Mens Tops Can Be

UnCategorized When you are tired of clothes that you have, you don’t have to spend money on anything for a new tops. Why not try redesigning old men’s tops and make it look like a new one. If you don’t have any idea on how to do this, well, here are the steps on how to make something out of your old tops. Wear white men’s tops buttoned down shirt un-tucked with your tight pants and flat shoes to make it very comfortable and it may look like a modern fashion at the same time as well as make it stylish on your own way. Belt an over sized men’s tops over a leggings and you may also add some accessories such as necklace to make it look like very stylish and unique Try slipping a sweater shell or a vest over fitted men’s tops partnered with a pencil cut skirt for a smooth effect that is also suitable for office. Cuff men’s top’s sleeves and wear some colored men’s long-sleeve underneath in a corduroys for any adventure outdoor activities. You may also use men’s tops open over a tank top with a tight and jeans skirt. This is perfect outfit when going to malls and going to bars and restaurant. You may also try covering men’s tops with a sweater that have v-neck design and let the collar and the cuffs to peak out to change the look completely. Hurl men’s tops buttoned down shirt over with a black cocktail dress with a tie on the waist. This is one of the easiest ways to tone down a formal clothes and style. Try tying a shirt in excess with silver bead boiler dress and you may add black tight pants and black flat shoes to make the look fresh and look new. Redesigning your own men’s tops will also allow the opportunity to have them in perfect fitting. It is also important that you know how to make patterns and preparing your own patterns for redesigning your men’s tops to make it your stylish dress. In order to make a very nice women’s wear from men’s tops, you must remember some few things to make this work. The first thing you should consider to make your men’s tops stylish is taking your body measurements. In order to make this, find your neck size through taking a tape measure around the rest of the neck and bring the tape measure at a descending angle at your throat. Leave some room where you can put two fingers under your tape measure before getting the record of measurement; you should also measure your shoulder across your upper back shoulder size. You should also determine the length of your sleeves by calculating the number of inches from the upper shoulder to the desire length of men’s tops at hands and wrist. You should also get the measurement of the chest, armpits and chest measurement and calculate the top’s length by finding the tip where your shoulder line of stitching meets. After getting all the required measurement, use the recorded measurement in choosing the right men’s tops pattern. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: