Remember the Shanghai Aerospace Long March five development team 10 years cast arrow bitter sweet (v-face gossip

Shanghai Aerospace Long March five development team: 10 years "cast the arrow" bitter sweet 20:43 on November 3rd, with a tremor the earth trembled and the mountains swayed in our country, a new generation of large carrier rocket Long March five launch, watch the sky, declared our ability to enter the space to enter the world’s top ranks. Where were you 10 years ago, if you had to choose again, would you still choose to enter the long march team of five? For this problem, Shanghai Aerospace Long March five team buddies, "YES answered firmly!" they have embraced the "ideal" fat five "Long March five large launch vehicles as China’s long march rocket in the Cenozoic, the ability to enter space than China’s active rocket increased 2.5 times above, is mainly responsible for the manned space station mission and three lunar mission, is the future of our country and show the transport capacity of the main rocket." Liang Jianguo, deputy director of the Shanghai space flight 805, said, we Shanghai Aerospace Technology Research Institute has undertaken the development of the 4 main booster 3.35 meters." "With the active rocket by the arrow support according to different level, the long march five configuration, the booster would be connected with the ground and support all the weight of the whole arrow erected after the flight, the 4 booster provides a full bundle of more than 90% rocket takeoff thrust, the development difficulty as can be imagined." 805 production insurance manager Zhang Xiuke said, as early as the 80s of last century, China began a new generation of large launch vehicle demonstration, but the real project is a matter of 10 years ago." When he graduated from the, Li Minjiang, director general of Shanghai Aerospace Long March, chose the space for interest and chose the rocket. He participated in the development of the booster from the pre development stage of the long march five model. In his eyes, booster is already a child of his. "My daughter is 8 years old, younger than the booster, and she is always proud to tell the kids that my dad is a rocket scientist!" Li Minjiang said with a smile. Bite off all bones booster kenyinggutou love is a kind of spirit? Perhaps the love of science and Technology aerospace designers really think so, but most people must feel that this is not stupid? The designers of Shanghai Aerospace 805’s folly. The design value of 3.35 meters long five booster module is not more than a small amount of active rocket, the new technology use ratio reached 100%, can be said that the body is a hoe. In 10 years, they just put the bones down. Each phase of the development phase of the major booster conference, the leaders and experts to mention the most is the four word interface complex". How complicated is the interface? Li Minjiang said: "a single foreign booster has nearly 80 interface relations with 7 systems; 5 booster system internal nearly 400 interfaces, covering electrical and mechanical and all kinds of gas-liquid interface, involving nearly 20 units." Sounds like a mess, an interface relationship is not in place, can not imagine the consequences. 805 the overall design of the brains, the use of form classification, from the outside, from the interface type to the interface function, clear interface requirements, strict control interface state, and ultimately ensure that nearly 2000 boost)相关的主题文章: