Reported that the high field admitted to conceal the airbag burst accident occurred in 2003

Reported that the high field occurred in 2003 admitted concealing balloon burst accident of Tencent financial news Beijing time on September 25th morning according to Reuters website reported, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Friday (September 23rd local time) announced a high field internal report content display, Gao Tian admitted its not told the NHTSA in 2003 have air pump in the Swiss Air Burst event. High field company in the internal report also pointed out that the company’s United States branch of tens of millions of safety defects exist in the design, testing and production of gas bearing responsibility. NHTSA had already announced a series of Takata airbag inflator pump high field investigation report, there are security risks with at least 13 deaths in the world and more than 100 injury events, which also triggered the global auto industry There was no parallel in history.’s massive recall. To date, there have been more than 100 million high field airbag inflator has identified a security risk, only in the United States there are nearly 70 million gas pump problems. The contents of the report published on Friday disclosed Gao Tian manufacturing company since this batch of air pump defective for subsequent exposure problem processing mode for the first time since 2000, in addition also includes external experts for pump point defects. The report also disclosed a specific case, Takada said it did not inform the NHTSA in 2003 with a Swiss Air Pump burst incident occurred in switzerland. In 2010, an engineer at a company in the United States of America told the company whether it should disclose the incident to Switzerland in NHTSA, but the latter was not disclosed. December 2014, Reuters reported on the occurrence of high field in the Swiss gas pump explosion in 2003. Gao Tian explained in the report that the reason why not choose to open the Swiss NHTSA gas pump explosion incident, because the production time of someone’s gas pump in 2010 with the requirements of the high field of the gas pump is not consistent. The report also revealed that in 2003 occurred in Switzerland, the cause of the explosion of the gas pump is inflated pump overload, then the production of high field to improve the production process to solve the problem. Levi, a spokesman for Jared, said on Friday that the internal report was part of a settlement agreement reached in November last year between Levy and NHTSA. He told reporters: "the high field has been focused on expanding research and testing of inflator." The report also includes the German Fraunhofer group on the cause of the outbreak of the gas pump, the results of the study, after the high field commissioned Fraunhofer group to investigate the reasons for the existence of defects in the gas pump. The above results show that under the premise of long-term exposure to humid and hot environment, the propellant contained in the gas pump becomes more unstable. The results of this study are consistent with those of the Fraunhofer group and other independent analysts. According to reports, in November 2015, the company agreed to reach a settlement agreement with NHTSA. The agreement provides that the high field will face the highest NHTSA out.相关的主题文章: