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Food-and-Drink Web-enable your takeout service and let customers order online, increasing sales, decreasing costs, and helping you beat the recession! The current economic downturn is hitting restaurants very hard just like many other high street businesses. The equation that most consumers are dealing with is [less disposable in.e = less spending]. More and more, people are skipping on unnecessary "extras" such as eating out and entertainment. In fact, a Buckingham Research survey last April found that 75% of families were less likely to be eating out in the next 12 months. Similar results were found for couples and single people with 57% and 54% respectively saying that they were less likely to go out now than before the recession. It is not all bad news for the restaurant industry though. While people are opting to stay at home more and more, they are still choosing to order takeout food. Interestingly, ordering takeout is easier than it has ever been, because of the Internet. Previously, small, family-owed high street restaurants didn’t have the time, experience or the budget to put their businesses online and accept takeout orders. Large, chain restaurants like Pizza Hut, Dominos, and Papa Johns have offered online takeout orders for a very long time. In fact, online ordering is one of the ways that they have retained business. Fortunately, things are looking up for small business owners. Over the past 12 months, some exciting takeaway portal web sites have sprung up which cater specifically to small restaurant and takeaway businesses. These sites let restaurant owners post menus and business details online so that more people hear about their business and so that they can receive takeout orders online. Benefits: There are huge benefits to adding your menu to a web site that is already popular. You save time and money, and enjoy the benefits of increased exposure: – Never a busy signal for your customers – No missed orders due to phone queues – Less takeout menus to print – You save money – You earn more potential revenue – Customers always see your most recent menu – Less chance of errors or mistaken orders Takeout portal web sites are designed to be quick and easy to use because a business owner is always busy! Getting started simply requires you to sign up and post your restaurant information; a process that takes mere minutes. The only equipment needed is a small printer receipt-like printer. These are usually standalone units that .municate wirelessly and print out customer orders when they are placed online. The order printout will confirm whether the order is collection or delivery, and whether the customer has paid online. NOTE: When purchasing a printer ensure it is unlocked so that you can reconfigure it at any time. This gives you the flexibility to use it at a later stage with a different website or even your own. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: