Rob little boy to be a lover! Daughter should pay attention to these! Sohu –

Rob little boy to be a lover?! Daughter should pay attention to these! There is a Japanese Sohu – mother don’t fire recently, called "the sage love", seen friends might say: "why? Kai Xiao Qi what time do you taste so heavy?" Today is ~ ~ this drama is grilled, completely because Kai Xiao Qi to see a girl behind the show. Parenting issues! The first to introduce the background of the story: there was a call from a family of scholar’s daughter of a humble family really, is a child, her father is the identity of the editor, the mother is a teacher, a family of three happy, happy family! Forgot to say, women really by the Father also sponsored a young writer called a dare. That is to say the female master-slave small and understanding the life like a brother childhood sweetheart! However, the evil but later moved to No. two from the woman next door, the world collapsed, the two female (the name of a character is Lily doesn’t drop), upstart’s daughter, and two younger brother at home, was neglected at home, from the snack takeaway (mom don’t cook for her, so the heart of envy) women envy hate family happiness, "bestie" in the name of all women desperately plunder everything…. necklace, boyfriend, father (female lord father forced a spur of the Dutch act), villa…… female two: first met the woman said the Lord is taking care of her life after all take the necklace up but even earrings will become aggravated, also said to bring their own good, really don’t dare twist ~ brother asked: "you are really by occasionally refuse What about her." It’s a real smile. Lily said, I’m only really so. Because she never knew to refuse. Not only that, on the other hand, she slept with her mother and her family! I have a vacation home from home, because of disrepair, has ruined by the mother really want to sell. Lily couple wants to buy down, but really do not want to sell by lily, bestie directly to buy. It was finally rejected. She didn’t want anyone to live in the house because it was full of unpleasant memories. Twenty years ago, by the invitation of a villa villa. See really have a good father, Lily and want to plunder. That night, lily is wearing a vest and short pants slipped into the uncle’s room, students rushed! Tell yourself how no one love. Dad really refused a few, on the heart. Although nothing has been done, but this scene is really seen by the. I can’t forgive my father, and I’ve never seen my father again. And the father can’t forgive himself. It wasn’t long before dad really committed suicide. But by doing really still with lily bestie. Lily and her boyfriend’s son was born, really decided to embark on the road of revenge. So dare you sleep in my love I’m your son bubble under the table love affair bathing pool in the end could not live there such a sweet fourth set has not yet been updated, but the forecast suggests two female actress Lily because you want to plunder all the knife – finger相关的主题文章: