Rumor the often shaved head hair will be longer and thicker it No influence pigeon blood

Rumor: the often shaved head hair will be longer and thicker it? Does not affect the source of the article: popular Chinese micro platform   hair for the impact of human beauty accounted for a large proportion. For newborn babies, parents often have a lot of worry. The traditional idea that newborn babies born with a thick, bushy hair is a sign of adequate nutrition and health during pregnancy. If not, and there are some unhealthy phenomena, such as the bald, yellow, will think is not normal, will try to improve the secret recipe. Many older people more often cut hair ", grow faster and more and more dense black". Is that really true? No matter how many times the baby shaved head, do not let the baby hair, human hair divided into terminal hair vellus hair and, at the time of birth, the scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes have developed terminal hair. After puberty, beard, axillary and pubic areas in vellus hair under the action of hormones into terminal hair. According to statistics, the hair of the human scalp in the 10-15 million, embryonic period has been determined by the number of genes and development of normal hair, therefore, non morbid circumstances, the number of scalp hair after birth will not increase. So whether we give the baby hair many times will not change the number of hair, so as not to let the baby hair. The adult, due to the role of hormones, scalp hair quantity will be reduced to varying degrees. The baby has alopecia phenomenon? Please be patient. Some babies born after 2 months to 1 years, there will be obvious hair growth is slow and even more because the phenomenon of alopecia, hair growth cycle caused by. There are three growth periods of hair, which are growth, retrogression and rest. 90% of the hair in the growth period, while the newborn hair, because most of the same period of development, so it will be synchronized into the recession and rest period, and then gradually restore the growth period. So there will be a period of thinning hair and slow growth, at this time do not have to worry, waiting to be more than 1 years old, more gradually restored, slow growth of individual, can be delayed to the age of 2. Baby hair yellow? First need not worry! Some of the baby’s hair is yellow, and the family are black, yellow or red with no family history, parents are very anxious, that is caused by lack of certain trace elements. First need not worry. If the baby is not accompanied by growth retardation, diarrhea and other symptoms such as eye color change, pure yellow hair, most or because the development is not perfect cause, still waiting for advice, 2-5 years after gradually become black hair. It’s very rare now that the hair is dry due to malnutrition. The baby pillow? Don’t rush to supplement nutrition and newborn pillow is a common phenomenon, and the lack of trace elements is basically irrelevant, the children after the age of June, can rise, climb, sit, not always oppression friction head, will gradually ease. Do not have to rush to supplement nutrition. Baby hair alopecia areata, bald? Need to see the doctor professional department of Dermatology diagnosis and treatment of common pediatric morbid hair including alopecia and alopecia totalis, dystrophic alopecia, alopecia and fungal infection, need to see a doctor working in the Department of Dermatology for professional treatment. In fact, the impact of neonatal hair health factors are not many, genetic, pregnancy.相关的主题文章: