Samsung China employee response force dealer inspired by the initiative kneel kneeling

Samsung responded: because Chinese forced employees to kneel dealers initiative kneel kneeling China staff moved forced dealers? Samsung said South Korean executives kneel first, Chinese executives were moved by a group of Samsung executives kneeling on the stage.   @ old old back to source: surging news Samsung Note 7 fried ignorant? Unexpectedly let the Chinese executives kneel thanks to the dealer’s message. In October 29th, claiming to be "Note7 explosion witness" netizen "old" online posting said, "in order to let the dealer orders, Samsung employees collective knees? What are your corporate culture? This is in China, below knee gold. Not too much of the staff when people." From the picture, a Samsung LOGO stage background, as well as Shijiazhuang Jinqiu orders and so on, a new Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro mobile phone design on the left. A suspected Samsung executives kneeling on the stage, the direction is the seat area. Samsung Chinese a responsible person on the surging news media docking () explained: "this is the regional dealer orders, PR department did not know before, after understanding, although affected by Note 7 bombings, dealers still support for Samsung, or under a lot of orders, which makes Samsung executives very touched, according to their" kneel "etiquette be grateful for dealers, China Samsung executives also very touched, and kneel down to salute." Chinese etiquette is "man had gold, kneel kneeling knees parents day, therefore," Samsung executives said let China dealers kneeling on the network caused a great disturbance. "South Korea’s" kneel "in their culture is actually" gift ‘, is very grateful and appreciate each other’s respect for each other, they do not know the difference Chinese culture." Samsung said the person in charge of docking media said.   this shows that there is indeed a lot of Korean entertainers in the show scene to the fans to show their gratitude for "kneel ceremony" phenomenon. Including some South Korean entertainers concert in China, also appeared to the audience to show their gratitude to the collective knees. Surging news and failed to contact the Samsung executives Chinese day to participate in the ordering of the District of Shijiazhuang, also do not know their behavior if there were forced to kneel. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: