Seventy old man fainted roadside passing the doctor emergency network – in the new stride forward

Seventy old man fainted roadside passing doctor stride forward first aid – Beijing October 16th at half past five in the afternoon, Zhengzhou people’s hospital emergency department doctor Zhao Liukai with his family to walk in the new exhibition center near Zheng Dong, suddenly found an old man fainted, he quickly stepped forward to first aid, and call 120, in time to save the lives of the elderly. Similar events in Zhengzhou people’s hospital workers, more than once occurred. The 10 day of the emergence of a typical rescue of 3, from March to date, a total of 7 medical personnel were saved by the network to spread, cited friends point praise. Zheng report financial media reporter Gu Changle correspondent Chen Hui Pan Lili 10 days emerged in three touching stories of October 5th, during the National Day holiday, the central security center of Zhengzhou people’s hospital nurse Ma Lina when on duty, met a man fainted, she immediately went to the mouth to mouth suction, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and other emergency measures, let the old recovery the heartbeat. October 8th, discipline inspection and supervision department of Zhengzhou people’s Hospital, deputy director of the party office of Annwa Li Xue, met an acute myocardial infarction in the elderly health road the Yellow River road. Passers by have a detour, they came in time to help, quickly rushed to the hospital emergency personnel, and ultimately help the elderly out of danger. Just 10 days, the people’s Hospital of Zhengzhou once again focused on the emergence of the moving story of the 3, touched countless people and friends. Yesterday morning, the provincial capital of the major media reporters came to the Zhengzhou people’s Hospital, I hope they can restore the moment when the rescue moment. Seventy old man fainted roadside, he stride forward first aid October 16th at half past five in the afternoon, Zhengzhou people’s hospital emergency department doctor Zhao Liukai with his family to the Zheng Dong new exhibition center to play, the crowd suddenly found a scene of chaos, but also from time to time to hear someone calling for help. He darted into the crowd, I saw an old man lying on the ground motionless, the side also poured out with an electric car. "He was pale, the body is cold sweat, I initially judged him to be a heart attack or acute myocardial infarction. Quickly asked him where uncomfortable? Is there a heart attack? The old man said he was dizzy, had a heart attack, and at that time the eyes are closed, I quickly asked him to tell him not to sleep, and command people call 120." Zhao Liukai said. Because the old man had a history of heart problems, Zhao Liukai put the old man lying on the ground, told him not to move, and the pulse diagnosis for the elderly. "The old man’s pulse was weak, there may be signs of cardiac arrest, I quickly put his people and hukou, then raise the old man’s legs, so that his blood can flow!" A few minutes later, 120 arrived in time, Zhao Liukai, together with the medical staff to carry the old man on the ambulance, and took out the old man’s cell phone, timely contact with his family. It is understood that the collapsed 70 years old this year, suffering from heart disease has been 5 years, more suffering from hypertension, cerebral infarction and other diseases. On the same day due to weather hot, crowded, can cause hypoxia fainting. Currently, the elderly have been out of danger, the body has improved. Zhao Liukai was pleased to learn of the situation. Tolerate no hesitation, just want to save people yesterday morning, in the face of media questioning, an interview with Zhao Liu.相关的主题文章: