Shakespeare classic drama is the fusion of the real interpretation of comparable live version of ava darren hayes

Shakespeare classic drama is the fusion of the real interpretation of comparable live version of avatar technology Sohu intellectual stuff (public No.: zhidxcom) in the | Ren Zhi what Britain Stratford reports, the evening of November 17th, located in the London suburb of Stratford Town, the birthplace of Shakespeare, Chi was invited to observe things a out of the ordinary drama, Savon William "storm (the Tempest)" in Intel, a well-known film and television special effects studio Imaginarium and RSC (Royal Shakespeare Theatre) three party building, real time stage performances show the scene effect can Biafanda, behind is how to do it? Wisdom of the three party responsible for in-depth interviews, a look. The whole show from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m., including the break continue will do 3 hours; for the younger generation, watching Shakespeare play live performances, like domestic young people watching Peking Opera, although the first face repertoire "storm" plot to do a lot of understanding, but the scene of the story the understanding is still ignorant of forced state, but the combination of digital effects scene in real time, or very amazing. Origin: when the classic drama hit the most new technology under the first black background, time of birth and death as Shakespeare is from 1564 to 1616, this year is the 400 anniversary of his death, in this context, RSC (Royal Shakespeare Theatre) Intel, well-known film and television special effects work room Imaginarium, building a new technology with drama and the selected repertoire is complete drama storm the last of Shakespeare, is also a classic masterpiece, at the same time as the story of a myth, magic, 3D video projection wizard and other elements just can use real-time rendering to create a vivid performance effect 3D. Visit Shakespeare’s birthplace: the small town of Stratford Stratford town more than and 70 km from the capital of London, is the birthplace of world writer Shakespeare, before the age of 18, Shakespeare grew up here, studying, because of language talent, as Curve Wrecker to first develop, actor, director, plays with a body, eventually affecting the the world of the writer. The town of Stratford is very small, most of the houses are in sixteenth Century of the old house, brick wood structure, including our living in the hotel corridor are squeak, to become a label in the town of Shakespeare, the town has three distribution property of the Shakespeare family, is now the Shakespeare Memorial residence for visitors; at the same time with the main performances of Shakespeare drama based Royal Shakespeare company owns three theaters in the town, also has a history of more than and 100 years. The theatre can not take pictures, and domestic drama hall are very different, generally there are 3 layers around the infield grandstand, around the center of the stage layout, the stage and the audience was very close. What is the story of the storm (the Tempest) in the end? The whole story is a happy ending of the story, full of revenge and forgiveness and other elements..相关的主题文章: