Shen Feng Volvo to achieve China’s exports of luxury cars in the United States, zero breakthrough

Shen Feng: Volvo to achieve China’s exports of luxury cars in the United States, "zero breakthrough" so far, Volvo has released a lot of models in the Chinese market. Last year, S60 extended edition exports to the United States, which is China’s first luxury car exports to the United states." In October 25th, the third session of the global Chinese automobile joint conference and the "elite Chinese embracing the world automobile industry innovation forum, Volvo (micro-blog), Chinese development company (ginseng, pictures, Shen inquiry) on Volvo past development peak first made a summary. Shen Feng said, so far, Volvo has built a relatively complete system of R & D center, procurement center, manufacturing center and sales center, and realize the production of Volvo’s latest engine in China. "XC90 and S90 these two cars are Volvo from Ford after the development of the new platform to develop their own cars on the two. Next, our V90 and V90CC will also be listed immediately." Shen Feng said, in terms of intelligent driving and automatic driving, Volvo will invest more energy. From the beginning of next year, Volvo will launch 100 automatic driving cars in Goteborg road test, while we will be in Shanghai, including the world’s four cities to do demonstration operations." Shen Feng seems to be the key to the success of the enterprise talent, in this regard, Volvo has done a lot of effort. According to him, Volvo introduced a lot of talent from abroad at the same time, also sent a large number of local staff to headquarters learning. "While we cultivate talents, we also create a corporate culture with a special style."相关的主题文章: