Simple Instruction For Hitting Your Golf

UnCategorized Simple instruction is the key to hitting your golf driver. Every golfer wants to hit the long ball…but very few every do. Why? Because they "over-analyze" their swing and get "locked-up" when the get on the tee box. How many times have you yearned to hit it longer…swung harder…and it didn’t happen? Every golfer on the planet can say this. I know I’ve done it more times than I can count! Swinging harder isn’t the answer! In fact…it’s death to your dreams of longer drives. Golfers are so infatuated with the LONG ball. So much that they will spend $500 on a new driver in hopes for more yards off the tee. The problem with this approach is the cause of your lack of distance. It’s not your club, it’s how you swing the club that’s the problem! Getting the proper instruction for your driver is critical to achieving your goals of more yards. There is so much junk, bad tips, and advice out there…you can be deluged with these inadequate thoughts, resulting in driving distances below your norm. Not what you want if you want more yards! You need help from someone whose been there. Not the Harmons, Leadbetter’s and the Rick Smith’s of the world, but average golfers who have found a method that works! A method that can add up to 30 yards to your drives with minimal effort or change in your golf swing. This type of instruction is out there, but finding it might be another issue. The Net is polluted with hundreds, if not thousands of websites, pages and articles that won’t help. I don’t mean to get you feeling like you can’t find help, but you need some resources you can turn to you trust. And that will get you the results you’re looking for. You need simple instruction for hitting your golf driver! Nothing too complicated or confusing. No "62-point" checklist or redoing of your golf swing. If an instructor tells you that…run! As an amatuer golfer, we don’t have the time nor the money to be our absolute best. We all want to be, but it’s not realistic. We don’t do this for a living! I think a lot of the time we do it for the challenge to beat our previous score; hit our drives longer than before; make fewer putts in a round; or maybe just for the enjoyment of getting outside, away from the hassles and responsibilities of life for 4 and a half hours. Either way, hitting your golf driver longer than you have before is a lot of fun! With a little bit of research, you’ll find the instruction to hit those long golf drives! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: