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Smart home appliances function is blown heaven really just a gimmick? Author: Li Le in the national innovation, the pioneering era, we can see more and more new techniques have been applied to the traditional home appliances, home appliances to make it more powerful, intelligent home appliances but also more and more, and some even have "blown to heaven", but in the actual daily life that we rarely see. Today we have several less common smart appliances said, in the end there is a really work, or just a gimmick. First, the timer socket, practical index: 6, try smart socket believe everyone has never heard less, but in recent years become mainstream I really have not seen, to say a little a bit higher popularity is a "socket". In intelligent products more and more modern family, and the electrical equipment is also more and more, such as a wireless router, water machine, water heater, electric toothbrush, electric machine, oxygen and so on, but there are always some equipment is not always charge, the timer socket came in handy, set a good time, but disconnect the power supply for mobile phone charging time, charging car is quite good, promptly disconnect the power, save electricity can protect the battery. In addition, the author also think of a scene is when traveling, one is a few days to go home, always worried that there will be a thief in the eye, you can open the home lamp using the timer socket period, give people the illusion of a home, to be with the anti-theft function. Second, human intelligence induction lamp, the utility index: 7, do you have a try to discredit the toilet? There is no girls every time back face dark room in the house, there are always afraid that can not say? In fact, I believe that the human body is a good response to the induction lamp. The human intelligence induction lamp general in the hotel is more common, generally use the human thermal infrared detection sensor and optical technology, day or light off automatically when saving and environmental protection, when the induction to someone come immediately when you turn off the lights lit, delay 20 seconds later, the practicality is still quite good. Third, portable drying racks, practical index: 6, autumn and winter estimates suggest trying many friends and there will be trouble clothes, wash the clothes on the balcony to dry for several days or wet or directly into ice, really upset. So I will have to mention this tide clothes tide shoes Terminator – Portable drying racks. The working principle of the portable clothes hanger is similar to that of a hair dryer, and the hot air is blown into the suspended clothes to form a circulating air flow through two conduits, and the drying speed is accelerated. Have a cold (blue light) and warm (red light) two selection, and can realize the automatic switching of 3 hours to warm cold, to prevent the high temperature damage clothes. The most touching point, than the two equipped with a hose, drying shoes is also very convenient. Fourth, time ring, practical index: 4, suitable for individual people time ring is a ring watch and be made one product, using a unique time display style has attracted many people’s eyes. It integrates many advanced technologies, such as wireless charging, ultra-thin!相关的主题文章: