Societe Generale has revealed how much lower the pound and the euro will

Societe Generale secret disclosure, the pound and the euro will fall below the depth of FX168 inquiry Europe’s two major currencies recently launched a less decent "ugly competition"". The euro dollar on Wednesday (February 24th) Asian market trading was steady at $1.1011 overnight, fell to three week low of 1.0990. The Fed’s dovish speech has helped to limit the decline of the euro dollar. Dallas Fed chairman Coplan (Robert Kaplan) said to the western media, the Fed may need to maintain interest rates for a longer period of time, to inflation back to the 2% target set aside time. On the other hand, Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, suggested that the possibility of lowering interest rates, as well as the possibility of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, continued to pound the pound, and the pound fell to a 7 year low of 1.3964. Societe Generale looks ahead to the gloomy outlook for the euro and sterling in the near future. The technology analyst at the bank, Sté Phanie Aymes and analyst Tanmay Purohit, Natarajan Visweswaran wrote in the research report that the euro dollar hit the upper edge of the rising channel earlier this month, and this technology point showed strong resistance. The weekly index is close to the resistance level, suggesting that the current rally since December last year is close to losing momentum, while the upward trend is still limited. The current exchange rate close to January high level region 1.1000 1.0950, this position is also in mid January low rise 61.8% retracement, and the channel near the lower rail. More importantly, it also gathers 20 week moving averages and weekly descent channels. Daily line RSI index breakdown support line, suggesting that the risk of continued downward correction can not be ruled out. If the euro dollar breaks 1.1000 1.0950, it will confirm the test again in 1.0800 of the January low point area, and the 1.1150 is the immediate resistance. After the pound touched 1.46 of the channel resistance and restarted the decline, the market has fallen through 1.40 digits. The exchange rate is 1.3950 to C wave exploration target market, confirmed the short-term head and shoulders pattern, suggesting that the market outlook is still down space fully. The weekly shock index crosses the strong and weak dividing line, and the exchange rate only stands 1.4600 again to continue the rebound momentum. 2009 low point 1.36 1.35 is the next important support position. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

法国兴业银行揭秘英镑和欧元下方还将跌多深   FX168讯 欧系两大货币近来展开了一场不怎么体面的“比丑大赛”。   欧元 美元周三(2月24日)亚市盘中持稳于1.1011美元,隔夜曾跌至三周低点1.0990。美联储官员发表的温和言论帮助限制了欧元 美元的跌势。   达拉斯联储主席柯普朗(Robert Kaplan)向西方媒体表示,美联储或许需要在“更长时间内”维持利率不变,给通胀升回2%目标位留出时间。   另一方面,英国央行行长卡尼提示仍有可能降息,以及英国退出欧盟的可能性继续打压英镑,英镑 美元跌至7年新低1.3964。   法国兴业银行(Societe Generale)对近期行情惨淡的欧元和英镑前景作出展望。该行技术分析主管Stéphanie Aymes和分析师Tanmay Purohit, Natarajan Visweswaran在研报中写到:   欧元 美元本月早些时候触及上升通道上沿,而这一技术点位展现出较强的阻力。周线技术指标接近阻力位,暗示当前始自去年12月的反弹行情接近失去动能,而汇价上行趋势依旧受限。   当前汇价接近1月高位区域1.1000 1.0950,该位也是1月中旬低点起涨势的61.8%回撤位,以及上述通道的下轨附近。更为重要的是,该位还聚集了20周均线和周线下降通道。日线RSI指标击穿支撑线,暗示汇价持续向下修正的风险不可排除。   欧元 美元若打破1.1000 1.0950则将确认将再次下试1.0800的1月低点区,1.1150则是即时阻力。   英镑 美元触及1.46的多年通道阻力并重启跌势后,市场已跌穿1.40整数位。汇价正探向c浪目标位1.3950,行情确认了短线头肩顶格局,暗示后市下行空间依然充分。   周线震荡指标越过了强弱分界线,汇价只有再次站上1.4600才能延续反弹势头。   2009年低点1.36 1.35是下一重要支撑位。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: