SONY launched a new electric paper screen smart watches FES watch u lformat

SONY launched the new electric paper screen smart watches FES Watch U Tencent (Michael) still remember SONY launched in the last year, the main fashion attributes of the paper screen watch FES Watch? Now its successor, FES Watch U, is here. It is worth mentioning that, in fact, FES Watch is not the only commercially available electronic paper screen watch, but unlike the Pebble series flagship smart, SONY in the FES Watch play out new tricks, dial design variety makes it almost can adapt to any occasion and dress collocation. Judging from the video, FES Watch U compared to the previous generation of products in the design has changed slightly, slightly higher than the black table frame around the dial, and the benefits of doing so is to can dial down the electric paper screen effectively protect the fragile, and looks more like a traditional watch instead of toys. It is understood that the FES Watch U itself has 12 kinds of collocation, and later selection will be more, with the support of the iOS or Android applications can easily try switching. At present, FES Watch U has landed in SONY’s own First Flight platform to raise public projects as of the date of October 7th, although SONY does not seem to have FES Watch plans to launch in markets outside of Japan, but taking into account the first generation product FES Watch has been in the domestic market, the FES Watch U should not be absent? Interested friends may wish to take a look at the promotional video. Source: Slash Gear life boring? Concerned about the number of Tencent WeChat official number (ID:qqdigi), the old driver with you the whole point of the new play!相关的主题文章: